Going home today to Ollie, my rescue dog.


One of my promises to my rescue dogs and myself is that if I leave them, I make the bottom line worth it or I don’t leave them.


I am so happy today.  I am so grateful for all your support.  I am grateful the economy must be so much better.  My tour was 52.63% increase with an increase in profit margin of 21.68%.  I have always done things I love doing as a means of making a living.  I have not been as deligent in the past about good business.  I feel very proud of my improvement in this area.  I am doing better business while still doing something I love.


Thank you for extrodinary experiences.  I will share some in another posts.

I do not take all the offers made to me.  Some are not good fits with how I like to play.  The offers I do take have an end result in my feeling I made a difference, I shared my time and created an experience with another folk that was a terrific exploration, a time worth the ticket.


Thank you, again, the pleasure was mine.  You are all so wonderful.