Yes, I give references

Do not make more than 5 reference requests in a year though.  More than that, you need to give me a tip for my time to look up our visits and write a reference.


I report if you are punctual, if you respected my limits, if there was any bartering over the price, if there was any hassles with money, if you cancel appointments, if you text a lot (some of you make an appointment and with that you feel hours of texting should be included), if you email a lot (I have threads of emails with 50 entries for one appointment), if I would see you again.  I also state how long ago i saw you.  If I saw you more than 3 years ago, don’t ask me to give you a reference.  It is too long ago, people’s situations change, things change in attitudes, I don’t feel I would be a good reference for how you are now.


That said, please be considerate of providers at this time.  A lot of sites have gone black because of SESTA/FOSTA and we are trying to network and be safe.