Visiting Old Friends

I reread and rewatch Book series and Movie collections.  For me, it is visiting favorite old friends.  I have actually worn out paperback book spines and had to replace books.  On the first reread, there is the discovery of so much I missed because I was eagar to find out “what happened next?”  In future rereads, there is a happiness of being with my favorite characters on their journey again.  The Dragon Prince, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Marvel Collection, the Star Wars Collection are some of my well visited friends.  Some rereads are hard, The Art of Racing in the Rain, I still cry.

When working I focus my best to be there, 100+% all on.  When on tour or during a busy week, when I am done with work, I spend time by myself, refreshing me, gathering back energy by walking and having down time.  I truly believe balance is important.  Part of my submissive training included that it is my responsibility to be prepared to give my all when playing.  It is my job to be disciplined in having a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit for you to interact with.


Visiting Old Friends is one way I do this.