SubMissAnn Productions

Who are the people behind SubMissAnn Productions?  That would be me, myself and I.  

I blog, update Onlyfans, and Social Media.  I plan photo shoots, and travel tours.  Occationally, I will do a video clip, something different.

I produce Equus International Pony Play Event and the North American Pony/Trainer Contest.  Pony Play is my hobby.  It is fun and different from what I do as work.

Exploring submissive service for over 20 years has given me experience in listening, focused attention, attention to detail, an understanding of what is within the limits of what I can and cannot do, and an ongoing discovery of it is to have a balanced life, to be healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.  It has taught me to take overwhelming tasks and break them down into smaller tasks I can do one at a time.

My life gave me training in classic style, an eye for quality, a love for performance art.  Something well made, with good energy, pride of craftmanship appeals to me.  The energy one pours in is reflected in the outcome of what is created.

My lastest project is exploring what it would take to open a consulting corporation.  An office and a meeting room equipped with table, chairs, sound and visual equipment that can be rented as a Meeting Space.  And another open room, lined with lockable cabinets that when unlocked present different equipment desired for what the room is requested for. It would have one walled that is mirrored.  It could be available for massage, yoga classes, stretching classes, photo shoots, a variety multi-purpose room.  I would offer consulting in event planning (my specialty of 18 years was children’s parties) and I would partner with like minded folk that offered other consulting services. 


It is an idea.  From Possibility To Reality, taking your ideas, fantasies, dreams and manafesting them into reality,  this is what I do best.  I practice everyday.