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The Time of King Arthur: Frill, more ice, please…

“Frill, more ice please….”


i know who it is. and i was so happy with my timing. i’m dressed in golden leather heels, black seamed stockings, a golden brocade dress with absolutely nothing underneath. It is a classic Jackie-O knock off worth every penny i paid for it. It has a matching jacket with a faux fur lined neck. My hair is rolled out and i am 5 minutes from being completely done with my make-up.

As i walk to the door i roll my blue eyeliner pencil back and forth between my manicured fingers and thumb. i open the door and smile at My King.

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A Tantra Master: An Adventure

“An Adventure”

Bolero music…


“Do you want to sleep or get dressed for an adventure?”

i am holding my cell phone, just realizing i went from dead asleep to tingling excitement by the sound of Merlin’s voice. Merlin, the TantraMaster, is not supposed to be calling me. He told me i was not a good match because i am too old to have his children and be a young parent to his child.

“Do you want to sleep or get dressed for an adventure?”

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The Stories of Robinhood: Over the Rainbow

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

It is raining this Friday night. i like watching the rain come down in sheets as Robinhood is driving the car. The streets are dark and wet. i like the smell, so clean and fresh with the hint of salt. i like the neon shimmering in the rain.

Robinhood is very up for going out, He is ready, pulling on the leash, as it were. Most unusual.

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The Stories of Robinhood: What i Value

“What i Value”

Devious Extreme Shoes, size 5 (because they don’t make a 4.5, black patton leather, 4″ platform plus 4″ heel (means i’m about 5’10” in these babies…

$75.00 plus tax

Catherine Coatney Black mesh full length coat

$196.00 plus tax

altered to fit me perfectly $100.00

Victoria Secret rhinestone accented bra, g-string, garter belt, back seamed stockings

about $150 plus tax

Superstardreads – blonde with small braid & pearl/silver bead accents (because Robinhood loves them),

$350.00 plus tax.

Robinhood: “This was the hottest night I’ve ever had with you. I diffinitely love this outfit the most. You are so hot.”

Absolutely PRICELESS

The Power Exchange was an interesting place….

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The Stories of Robinhood: The Power Exchange Dance:

“The Power Exchange Dance: when you wish upon a star”

i love spending mornings in bed with Robinhood. i love sleeping with Him, curled up against Him with my head on His tummy or laying at His side. i love waking up being poked by “my friend” and bending down and kissing “my friend” and sucking “my friend”. i love the feel of “my friend” gliding in and out of my mouth, between my lips, gliding down and extending my tongue at the base then inhaling has powerful as i can while sucking upwards on the shaft only to shallow the shaft again. Yes, that taste, that feel, an intimate map of my lover forever there upon my lips.

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Finding an appropriate Master


I’m looking for a Dom. I have several internet sites i use to post a profile ad. How do I weed out the fuckwits?


First of all, i recommend being very clear in your profile who you are and be clear as to what/who you are looking for. You can’t get what/who you want unless you know exactly what/whom that is. "What" being what kind of relationship, the perimeters, the content you are looking for. What it is that would make you excited to be in this relationship? "Who" being the qualities of a person you require. Some qualities are more important than others, be clear with yourself where you are willing to compromise. An intelligent, talented, witty man who is 5’10" instead of 6′ tall is still dateable in my book.

i am left questioning if are you looking for a Dom or a boyfriend who will be your Dom also? This is a very important difference. i am going to answer how to sort out Doms with experience versus those who have watched a video and said yahoo!

Look at it as a job interview. Ask questions. This is my personal list of questions when i’m interviewing for a Master:

thank you for your inquery.

If it pleases you to know me, Please send a picture.

If it pleases you to know me, please tell me:

How did you get into "the scene"?

(i look to see if they met someone or watched a video)

How long have you been in "the scene"?

(i look to see if they watched a video last week, last year, or did they apprentice with a Master or have been looking/exploring for 20 years.)

What is in your Toy Bag?

(i look to see if what they list is thumpy, hurty, shocky, bindy, pinchy or are there any sensual toys mentioned. Also, if they respond saying "what is a toy bag?" – just stop reading and go to the next prospect.)

What is your favorite weapon of choice?

(i look to see if it is a cane, because i’m special that way – you pick your favorite)

Do you have other submissives/slaves? If so, how many and what is your relationship with them?

(Ultimately, it only matters what your relationship with this person is. i like to know the frying pan i’m jumping into though and whether there are flames i’d like to avoid.)

If you are looking for a more rounded relationship, i suggest some questions like:

Your maritial status is?

Are you emotionally available?

What are your interests and passions outside of BDSM?

What would you like to share with me outside BDSM?

What makes your heart sing?

What moves your spirit?

For me, out of 900 responses for an ad on collarme dot com in three days, this eliminated the qualifying prospects to four. At this point the interview is over.

By the time you are on your first date, the conversation should be flowing and casual, asking about Him, what makes Him tick, topics that interest you and telling Him about you.

Best of luck in finding the Dom who is a good fit for you. Be patient.


The Stories of Robinhood: Birthday Celebrations

“Birthday Celebrations”

As i gaze in the mirror and trace the bright red dot with the long tail line down the right side of my pretty ass, i remember Robinhood’s wicked smile just before the single tail struck. He was so full of life, animated and having a wonderful time in the company of my friends.

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The Stories of Robinhood: A Most Perfect Weekend

“A Most Perfect Weekend”

It was my greatest wish to create an environment the lent itself to our spirits touching, our souls intermingling and our hearts filled with love for each other. It was a very successful and quite satisfying weekend when measured in these terms. Actually, as it played out, it was a most perfect weekend when measured in any terms.

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My First Master: conversations with Master-Sir that changed my life forever

conversations with Master-Sir that changed my life forever

“I’m happy you’re looking for it.”

“i am not.”

“What is it you’re not looking for?”

“my collar.”

“Yes. It is. I’m happy you see it My way.”


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My First Master: Every story has a beginning……..

“Every story has a beginning……..”

It could be argued that my story begins with my father.


These are the words that i associate with my father.

I will wear His marks forever this lifetime. The men who have been intimate with me have seen them whether their relationship is vanilla or not.

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