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Sex Toys, Lube and cleaning toys

Q: What Sex Toys are Made of? How do i clean them? What kind of lube do i use with them?

“You do online submissive web camming and use sex toys during sessions as a profession. Over the last year i’ve seen many articles on sex toys being dangerous for my health. What do you know about this? Do you have recommendations of “safe” toys? What are your recommendations for cleaning sex toys?”



Let’s talk about Service

There are different types of serving and different levels of service. Everybody serves to some degree. The CEO serves the stock brokers, the administrators and field workers serve the CEO. A maid serves her boss. A student serves a teacher. A slave serves a Domme. There is nothing inherently bad or demeaning about service. If one feels humiliated or embarrassed, it is something one has added to the experience, just as one can add pride to a job well done.