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The Jamboree

Up at the crack of dawn loading the car, making sure everything was delivered by whom was supposed to be delivering it,making sure everyone had their ride, picking up the food and getting to the event by 8 am to set up. It is my version of being Santa on Christmas Day, I think. It is that much pressure and that good. Producing an event is a whole lot of details and details regarding the details. You can’t produce an excellent event alone, you need good people under you, intelligent, competent people. The LA Pony and Critter Club is all that and more. The doors open at 9:30 am and we begin.

What an incredible dance. This is a day to live for. I loved every moment. Wish you could have shared it with me.


While I’m in Nashville, I like to take some time out to walk around Centennial Park. There is a lake, serene views, and a wonderful path that circles the park. In the middle of this park is The Parthenon.

The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Address: 2600 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

I brought my friend Lady Robin with me and we had a fine day being tourists. (:

I love my life.


There is a ponygirl I train that lives in Indianapolis. Her Pony name is Ginger. I started training her at the Great Lakes Leather Alliance in 2011. When I travel to this fine city, it is to do work and mostly to train my ponygirl.

Ginger doesn’t get to practice on reins much. She really needs a local play partner. I’d be sad to loose her, but I want her to be happy and well trained. She was so nervous the first practice session and much better the next practice. I took out my dressage practice book and we went through the routines. I’m loving that book. We created it for the LA Pony and Critter Jamboree to be held August 25th, 2012. It is a fine book to exercise one’s pony with any day.

I was trying to explain and get across the idea of a relaxed walk gait that had momentum, smoothness, energy and yet, was a walk. On our way back to my hotel, we saw this wonderful Cinderella cart being pulled by a Clydesdale. I insisted on us taking a ride.

It was so fun. The Clydesdale was a terrific horse named Clyde. He is a rescue. He has a lovely relaxed walk, yet it has momentum, the cart is pulled smoothly. Ginger understood what I was trying to explain. Huzzah!

Bravo to Clyde’s owners and the company he works for also. Not only do they rescue horses, Clyde is well cared for now. When it is hot in Indianapolis, he doesn’t go to work until 7 PM. If it is cold, he doesn’t work. When Clyde works, he is very focused, an excellent cart horse that knows his route.

Another excellent weekend.
I love my life.


I love Chicago. One of my favorite hotels is the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel and I had the pleasure of returning here this week. They have a fabulous bar menu when I need to grab a bite to eat. My favorite dish is the Salmon Caesar Salad for a mere $12. Their hotel lobby is seriously grand. It was a fabulous week staying there.

In Play, a defining moment this week was understanding that sometimes clients don’t want an authentic reaction from me to discipline training. If they hit me with a crop, cane, leather ruler tawse or leather ruler strap they may want the reaction the girl on the video they saw gave: of quivering, of pleading the Disciplinarian to stop, of being in a panic that she might get struck again.

I have a lovely gentleman client that views these Russian girls being disciplined. It is hot. They do quiver and protest. Great stuff on this website.

For me, I love the sound and feel of most discipline tools, even in heavy sessions, I just love it.

So, I am in the middle of my time with this man, when he says in dismay, “The problem is you enjoy all of this. I could do this all day and you would just be a happy camper.” I got on my knees and asked if he would be so kind as to explain. He showed me the videos he likes to watch, the ones that make him excited. I got what he wanted from me. We proceeded and he was extremely satisfied with his session.

Therefore, if you want quivering, panicked and protest, please direct me to act properly for you. I am here to serve you.

Always a pleasure.

I love my life.

Life is what happens while you are busy

It is an overcast day in Chicago and *really*, I need to get ready for an appointment this morning.

July just flew by me.

I was home in Los Angeles. My morning in Los Angeles are taken with training these awesome new ponygirls and ponyboy that are members of the LA Pony and Critter Club. We have a Jamboree coming up in August, and they will be participating in it. Routines are being learned, different disciplines of Pony play are being explored. It is great fun and terrific exercise in a beautiful park in LA. How cool beans is that?

I had a fabulous week in Dallas. Dallas rocks. I discovered the Fish Market on Main Street, the Lobster Bisque is to die for.

I attended Thunder in Mountains. Memorable. Always special to meet up with the people I go to see there. Nothing like I expected and most definitely surpassed my expectations. Thunder is always a great event to participate in.

I visited Minneapolis for the first time. I will have to return. I had an awesome welcome of business and many letters asking for my return. I shall, Minneapolis, thank YOU.

I returned to the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada. This is a remarkable, unique hotel in the Art-Theater district. And here is a capture of their cement Teddy Bear collection:

I must prepare for work. I am having a fabulous time in Chicago. Thank you, Chicago.