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Folsom Street Fair 2012 Bonus

During the Folsom Street Fair, I was Interviewed by “Slutever”. She is a gorgeous girl, one I would have talked to, answered any questions and given a cart ride to even if there wasn’t a camera there, but this way, I get to share the experience with You. Enjoy!

Washington DC September 25 – 29

I visited a new part of District of Columbia this tour, I stayed in Warden Park. This meant I was staying at a new hotel, the Washington Marriott on Woodley Road. It is a nice walk around area, just north of DuPont Circle, with a Red Line Metro stop right at the base of the hill where the Marriott is. How super convenient is that?

I loved the bear there.

I mark the Zoo stop at the Red Line Metro in DC

There were several nice restaurants right there on Woodley, one of them being a French restaurant, Petite Plats and an Italian Restaurant. They both had friendly staff, clean little cafes and good eats. It is nice to get out of my hotel room sometimes and breathe the fresh air, enjoy the neighborhood, and have polite conversation with my waiter.

My stay was wonderful thanks to the gentlemen I know in DC. Return clients are the opportunity to know a person better, know how their kink works for them better, trust them more and explore deeper, all of which is very rewarding. Thank you.

How I do Folsom Street Faire Weekend

I have been attending and participating in the San Francisco Folsom Street Faire since 2007

Photo by Erin Lubin for The Chronicle

The last few years my participation has evolved to new levels that I truly love and cherish. I stay at America’s Best Value Inn because the hotel is right in the heart of Folsom Street Fair, making returning to my room for costume changes easy, a short amount of time to do so and painless. Plus, they know me, it is always great to return to a place that knows who you are and welcomes you.

The weekend includes going to the Northern CA Renaissance Fair to see Brenda the Braider and have my long hair piled up on my head in braids. She is a wizard, an artist, simply incredible at braiding hair.

The LA Pony and Critter Club has a booth at 10th Street and Folsom Street, which is where the Animal Cavalcade starts from at 11 am. We do two parades during the fair.

Claire Adams and Beauty at Folsom Faire 2012

Claire Adams and Beauty at Folsom Faire 2012

Claire Adams and Beauty at Folsom Faire 2012

The LA Pony and Critter Club Booth is evolving too. In 2012 we (Tindala and I) gave cart rides from 1 PM to 3 :30 PM in a loop on 10th Street behind the tent. Next year we hope to have photos for sale, dressage books for sale and give cart rides in shifts with other Ponies and Trainers. We are on the track of “better” where there is in finish line. 😉

Clowning around with Steve on “Gigalos” Showtime TV

Earlier this year I filmed “Clown Fetish” with Steve on “Gigalos”.

While I was putting on Steve’s make-up, I saw Health Ledger’s face before me, as in “Batman”, made up as The Joker. It was disturbingly sexy to be attracted to that image. Naughty, not right, taboo, yet he was so handsome and Steve had that same GQ face, which brought it together for me. Having hot sex with a body that was steamy hot, not a person, not about connecting with a spirit, just hot sex based on physical attraction. And the face isn’t part of it, it isn’t about being with that person.

Making a clown a sexual object is playing with a taboo. A clown is supposed to be a funny entertainer. A fetishist sees a clown as a sexual desired object.

There is a paradox that happens in this fetish because when a clown face is drawn on you, you must find that part of you that lives not dependent on your image. When you are pretty, how do you be you without being pretty? What else do you have in the card deck? You must face the question, Is it more important to be pretty or to have fun and play?

I have not actually seen the episode. I was there though. I saw what actually happened, felt it, lived it.

August 31st Showtime TV aired its premier episode for its new third season. I am in that episode. I am on the opening credits for the entire season placing a red clown nose on Steve.

Since I was at BurningMan during the premier, I am only now getting feedback on my work. Why yes, I do hope you find me sexy. That is what I am selling. (:

even when doing a clown.

BurningMan and being part of The Pony Express

Burning Man was Mad-Max meets Dune meets The Smokers of WaterWorld and exploring each camp is like dropping into a REAL second life.

Being self-reliant is crucial in the Playa.


I rented an RV. I used Cruise America.

A rest stop.

I bought a bike at a yard sale. I bought a headlamp and lighted tail lamp for it. If you want to go farther out and around on the playa and faster then walking, unless you have an Art car, you bike.


Dessert Boots: Danner Desert TFX Rough Out HOT 8″

You may also want a very comfy, alternative shoe to wear. I will be looking for an inexpensive shoe that meets this need this year.

2.5 x the days you will be there pairs socks- YOU need lots of fresh socks

(these were perfect with my Dessert Boots)

For the hot burning sun:

gloves, long sleeve cotton shirts with uv protection, hat, face mask, scarves

daytime gloves

daytime scarves:

sun hat:

here is another sun hat link:

Long sleeve top:

face mask:

For the cold nights:

thermal top (I have some from Eddie Bauer that I wear on cold days)

cold weather pants

winter jacket (really)

I have in my closet and drawers cold weather clothes I used. They are also suitable for hiking/camping.

Crossing Donner Pass

About to loose signal with the world and going off grid.

At BurningMan:

I was up at 5 am making coffee, and turning into a Pony.

I was an Appaloosa Pony. I wore my brown catsuit that I had painted. I had made a bridle out of heavy ribbed red ribbon. I used an old pair of leather reins. My tail was made from heavy brown yarn. I wore my socks and Dessert Boots.

I loved being a Pony. I loved delivering mail and investigating the streets of Burningman in the morning. I was ready to roll out between 6:30 am and 7 am. I stop for bacon as a Pony. I smell it, seek it, love it when I am a Pony.

When the mail was done, I cleaned up. I wiped the RV down of the days dust. I Put on my sun stuff and went to explore the art projects. Loved the wharf and sunken’ Pirate ship. Loved the Temple. Loved the small burn Art and burning Man. Loved MadMax Dome.

The Burning Man night is a big fire dance party. Very uplifting.

The burning of the Temple is very spiritual.

It was very balancing for me to be a Pony day after day after so many months of training Ponies.

I truly felt privileged to know the people of Pony Express Camp. It was special being there.

Yes, I was covered up, protected from the elements most of the time. Moisture chap stick is your friend on the playa. I returned from BurningMan with my hair in good condition, no sunburn, no windburn nor any dry skin. I was able to do a photo shoot nude 2 days after my return to Los Angeles.

I want to go back. I want to build on this experience.

Early in the morning, leaving on Monday, coming back on grid