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The Queen’s Cup: The First Event at Sin-In_the_City Friday 10 PM Feb 27

No Photos nor Video were allowed at this event.

So much energy between the Ponies, Pups and audience. It was electrifying! Unforgettable! Such JOY and FUN shared by all.

There were 7 Ponies (Ginger, Speckles, Ebony Midnight, Phantom, Sunshine, Feargra, Rowena the Wonder Pony), one Zebra (Evolving ZeBra) and one Rapicorn (Lil Red) that competed in the races and jumps. There were 3 Pups (Eve, Demos, Puppeh Dawg) in the Greyhound Race.

If you missed Nina Hartley in a creme colored mesh catsuit by Winter Fetish as our sexy bunny running with the “bondage-bunny-on-a-stick” for our Pups to chase, you missed an incredible treat. just saying.

There were so many Ponies, we had two heats and then the top four time placements of those races, raced for The Queen’s Cup.

Queen’s Cup Derby Race

1st Place        Speckles
2nd Place      Pony Sunshine
3rd Place       Ebony Midnight


High Jump

1st Place        Speckles
2nd Place      Ebony Midnight
3rd Place       Evolving ZeBra



1st Place        Speckles
2nd Place      Ebony Midnight
3rd Place       Rowena the Wonder Pony


Greyhound Race

1st Place       Puppeh Dawg
2nd Place     Eve
3rd Place      Demos


Cart Race

1st Place       Sunshine
2nd Place     Rowena the Wonder Pony
3rd Place      Ebony  Midnight

Thank you to the Ponies and Pups for entertaining us. Bravo. Amazing. Wowie. An Unforgettable Experience!

It was an absolutely electrifying night with non-stop, heart-in-your-throat action and great fun had by all.

Two brand new ponies came out and strutted their stuff to the delight and awe of everyone.

The intrepid puppies were ferocious in their determination and showed huge heart whilst Nina Hartley was race bunny extraordinaire.

Volunteer cart jockeys experienced thrilling races as they tried something new and were wonderfully supportive of their cart ponies post-race.

All of the ponies showed impressive grace and beauty as they leapt over obstacles and dashed down the home-stretch.

Never has their been a more thrilling night of puppy and pony racing and, with this year’s impressive showing of participants, each progressive race promises to be just as exciting and entertaining!

A Slave Service Resume

Yes, this is a thing.

Being a resume, it should be only one or two pages. It would have a legal name, location, favorite photo. A resume is a brief summary of you, a snapshot of you, listing services you thrive in, S/M experiences, interests, desires, hobbies, something you’d like to try or learn. The idea being that you are sharing a brief summary of yourself so that you can find someone compatible with you for a lifestyle relationship.  If you are seeking a slave, you might want to ask for a resume.  You want to look at compatibility in a foundation, in basics that match.  A resume is not  an exhaustive list of skills, likes, capabilities and desires, it’s not meant to be.  It does start a conversation with being clear what you want and what you have to bring to the table.



Bullet points or Outline categories to include:




What is your objective? What are you looking for?


I require a Master/Daddy who desires to own and fully possess a dedicated, determined, and affectionate slave/baby-girl.



What real qualifications do you have as a slave-girl?


Domestic Services:


I am a service-oriented slave/baby-girl with a healthy appreciation for a well-kept home that reflects the attributes of love, peace, and joy. I am meticulous in my housekeeping duties, my favorites being vacuuming, laundry service, and organizing closet spaces and drawers. I am familiar with using a sewing machine; I can repair minor damage to clothes and also create simple curtains, table clothes, napkins, and other decorative items. One of my greatest joys in domestic service is cooking solid meals and on occasion, baking sweet treats. I specialize in creating healthy all natural meals that are pleasing to the palette and nourishing to the body. Special diet meals I am capable of preparing are low sodium, gluten free, and raw. Additional skills include silver, brass, and leather care.

Personal Attendance:


I am enthusiastic about providing personal assistant duties such as making travel arrangements; setting appointments; performing research; proofreading; and scheduling for both business and personal purposes. Personal grooming skills include clothing care and maintenance; dressing; manicure; pedicure; bathing and also relaxation massage.


Professional Skills:

What is your college degree in? What do you do for work?



BDSM & Fetish Experience:

Keep this short and in general.


I have extensive experience with impact play such as flogging, caning, body punching, and crops. I have a keen interest in bondage and experience with rope, belts, sacks, gear in it.


Health & Limits: (be honest, if you have std’s or HIV say so)


Skills, Hobbies, & Interests:

Home –
Automotive –
Physical Activity:



and what would subMissAnn’s resume look like?


First off, you would be mistaken in thinking I want to be an owned slave.  There are people who do want this, I am not one of them.  I am not a baby-girl type person.  I am a woman. I enjoy submitting for a specific amount of time, living my life fully, making decisions and goals for myself and having a positive, supportive relationship that is equality based.  Currently, I am not looking for a relationship.


In small amounts of time, be it an hour, a few hours, a weekend, one week, I strive to be the best possible submissive, mastering my submission and having that time be about you.  This, I truly love and it fulfills me.

so, thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.