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If you wish to chat with me, submissann, live to ask your questions, receive advice person to person and/or book real time sessions, please click this button:

There is a $4 per minute charge for this service. Billing is done through, an advice site for the public.

A few words about deposits and cut fees

Again, a session made weeks before, a confirmation call made the day before.  I am mentally prepared to serve, my room is ready, and I am dressed as requested. And a gentlemen who has been vouched for doesn’t call to say something came up, an emergency happened, nothing.  Just No Call, No Show.  At six minutes into the hour I call the number he called me on to confirm his appointment to ask if he is close by?  stuck in traffic?  but sadly, no answer and it goes to voice mail. I have decided to be more diligent in requiring deposits from new clients due this and requesting my cut fee when return clients let me down.

Why I feel the deposit is a good thing for prospective partners I make appointments to play with and me:

The deposit is not…

* a get-quick-rich scheme.

* a horrible attempt at financial domination.

* drug money.

* rent.

* new toy expenses.

* fun money.

The deposit is…

* a reservation fee that secures your first session in my busy schedule.

* compensation for my time and expertise in developing, planning, and prepping for a session based on your interests and phone conversation.

* a way to ensure W/we both show up prepared.

*  a statement of you ready to enjoy your diabolical torture of me, and I:  clean, suited up, and ready with a clear vision of how to properly serve you.

With a deposit…

* I feel compensated for my time and skills.

* you ensure I have given proper thought and am well-prepared for your session.

* and if I am renting a space, the dungeon knows I am reliable when scheduling.

Without a deposit…

* I am inconvenienced.

* you are inconvenienced.

* and if I am renting a space, the dungeon is inconvenienced.

Unlike your hairdresser or dentist, I do not sit in the dungeon 9-5, latex-clad, ready to pounce at any given gentleman at any given time. I am an independent provider, which means I do not have the luxury of taking another gentleman in lieu of you (because I turned down all other offers when I accepted your appointment). When I talk to a perspective client on the phone, I am working; taking notes, making connections, asking questions, coming up with ideas, and hopefully at the end, scheduling a session. I am customizing our time together. your nominal deposit is part of your total tribute and therefore should be considered part of the session as it is arguably the most crucial part – preparation and planning. Be suspicious if a Domme or submissive you are seeing for the first time is more eager than you about meeting. While same day appointments can be spontaneous and fun, sometimes they are a product of poor planning and quick-buck-making. Tell your cock to try to be a little judicious when hard.  Sometimes you may catch me at just the right moment, I was web camming and all prepared to spend hours online, and instead I shall log off and see you in person.  More likely, I am in the middle of paperwork, working out or a nail appointment to look good for my other scheduled appointments.  I cannot just jump up and serve you without notice.

And a note on cancellations: When you cancel a day in advance with or without a deposit, same day or just straight up don’t show up and do not bother to text/email/call, my day gets all messed up. I arranged my schedule to accommodate you,  I listened to what you had to say and decided to accept a session with you.  You also, most likely at this stage, have taken up significant time in a shared calendar with other Dommes/submissives/switches who are vying for time. When you cancel, that time slot is now forever lost in the abyss that is shitty last minute cancelations never to be seen again by the light of day. Beyond that, and as you now know, there was other grunt work involved prior to the rodeo: driving to and from the dungeon, cleaning and prepping the dungeon, etc. And no, there is still no technology that makes us instantly beautiful (yet), so YES, there’s that too. With no deposit, and sometimes the added bonus of a last minute no-show, it turns into one enormous invested time suck and continues to be for the rest of the day. In short, it sucks, horribly… and makes me sad.  Paying your cut-fee via submissann at gmail dot com using PayPal will let me know you are disappointed also, you really did have an emergency, you really would rather be putting me through my paces and cannot wait to have another opportunity to do that.

In conclusion:  The deposit is my proper compensation for my time and skills. It lets me know that you are interested in a session beyond wanking off on the phone once and forgetting about it or canceling the day of. The dungeon can also put more faith in each session I book if they know I require one. For you, the Gentleman, it reassures you that I will show up and be the best submissive I can be because I have been respected and compensated for my skills and time. There is a mutual respect created when a deposit is procured. The time and energy that goes into the preliminary session process is not to be scoffed at! Respect me and yourself by providing a deposit – it is an investment in my happiness and ultimately, in yours as well. I will be awaiting to serve you, knowing my limits will be respected, I need not be worried or have nervousness, I may relax, listen intently and obey, throwing my whole self into serving you – obeying your commands.