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Just Tell Me

I am a submissive. I love to serve. It genuinely pleases me a great deal to see you happy. I also have empath traits, which means I am open to process your feelings and energy. That means I really feel excited when you feel excited.

What this may look like when we see each other is that when you orgasm, I orgasm. I never fake this. It is a product of being truly connected to you, an element of playing which, in my humble opinion, is important. I focus my attention to be connected with you. What happens out of that, happens. I do not need to touch my pussy or have you touch my pussy or clit to orgasm from being truly ecstatic that you are having an orgasm.

However, if this bothers you, as a recent review stated:

Cons – When I was giving her a pearl necklace, she started to moan and shudder like she was having an orgasm too, but I had given her pussy zero attention. It was over-the-top, unexpected, and distracted me a little bit (still came hard though).

Just tell me before we start. I will know to curb my enthusiasm for your orgasm.

What books do I buy, what books do I read?

Want to talk books?


I have read the Harry Potter books a couple of times, I have binge watched the moves several times, I have spent a glorious 3 days at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


I have read The Game of Thrones books a couple times, I have read fan theories, I have watched u-tube clips on story/character theories, I have watched the show.


I just bought as an audio book “Made to Stick:  Why some Ideas Survive and Other Die” by Chip Heath.  You will have to wait until I travel somewhere driving to ask me about it.

Just bought today books:

The Complete Essays of Mark Twain

Ways of Seeing


Just finished:


Bad Unicorn

I loved it.  It was an easy, page turning read with characters I liked.  I didn’t have to think while I read it.  Entertaining, creative new story,and because:  unicorn.


Edited to add:

Fluff Dragon

The sequel to Bad Unicorn was just sent to me. September 20, 2015


Just reread:


The Black Stallion

I loved it.  It was actually read to me by a friend.  I love to have books read to me or read books to others.  Keeps you on the edge of your seat story, and because: Alex & the Black.

Edited to add:

Return of the Black Stallion was just sent to me.  September 19, 2015.





I love when someone shares the book they are reading, tells me why they find it engaging.

The Art of Conversation

If you like to include conversation in your date, if you are here to share more than a spanking and want to spark that connection….


I don’t think anything attracts me more than the space between your ears inside your head, the brain….that sexy organ.


but how to begin?

Sometimes the simplest questions will release an avalanche.


1. Tell me about you.
2. What’s your story?
3. What personal passion project are you working on right now?
4. Working on anything exciting lately?
5. What was the highlight of your day today?
6. What was the highlight of your week?
7. What was the high-point and low-point of your day so far?

There is nothing wrong with asking me a question you really want to know the answer of.  Just be prepared, the answer may surprise you.

Some of my favorites that gentlemen ask me:


You have done a LOT of inter-racial porn.  Have you always liked black cock?  Is it better?

What did you grow up wanting to be?

Where have you traveled to lately, where do you want to go to next?

What are you reading now?



How do I prepare to chat with you?  I usually read the headlines of the local paper when I am traveling.  That way I have something current to chat on and segue into something about your clothes or a book you are carrying.