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Touring Washington, DC (February 23 – 28 and Philladelphia (February 29 – March 4

Thank you  for your support, Gents!


I have enough pre-booked appointments to confirm going on tour!


I still have availability Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday,  and Sunday.  So, if you just saw my ad, do use the Contact Me form and make an appointment.  I love to play!


Please, in your note to me, tell me a bit about you, what you are interested in, any fetishes you’d like to explore, what day/time works for you (please give a couple options) and how long of an appointment you are looking for (one hour, 1.5, 2 or more 😉   )



Super loving Los Angeles

Unless I have an appointment I hike in the morning at Kenneth Hahn Park.  This is such a fantastic park with many trails and options for Kelly (my rescue dog) and me.  There are two entrances, and bonus, at the entrance on Stocker and La Brea, you can opt out of Hahn Park and take Stocker Trail.


Sage is still my favorite restaurant , butternut squash with pesto.  yum, yum.


Thinking about going to Washington DC (February 23 – 28) and Philadelphia (February 29 – March 3) the end of February.  I need enough pre-booking to justify the tour.  Or I can’t go.  Every appointment counts towards my being able to travel, book your appointment using the Contact Me form today.


Go now! Book.  I know you want to have fun with me.  I am a good toy.  😉


I really want to travel and see you.  Kelly has a wonderful home to visit while I am gone with other dog-type chaps to play with.  So, book that appointment and let’s play!  I only need one more appointment to cover my expenses!