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I keep returning to this little dress.  I really like it.


Cathouse Clothing Baby Leopard Print Spike dress


size small

green leopard print latex color

translucent smoky black side panel

Leopard print


Yes, I do like the Gloves in matching green.

The Stud Halter Dress is nice too.  The Lilac Leopard with translucent lilac panels in size small.


They are both just really flattering and a new photo shoot would be wonderful.  Wouldn’t you like a new photo shoot?


When should you replace your shoes?

Did you know that most athletic shoes have a lifespan of 300-500 miles, depending on terrain and type of activity. Once the maximum mileage is reached, injuries like shin splints and runner’s knee become more common due to decreased cushioning and general wear?  The materials in your shoes just aren’t meant to lat forever.  Your feet are important.

If you run 3 miles a day, that is 90 miles a month.  Do the math.


If you have a question about how long those expensive sport shoes are supposed to actually support your foot, write the manufacturer.  They know.  Seriously, because they built them only to last so long.