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A couple Pony Play presentations and then for the summer, I am here in Los Angeles

I am available this Memorial Weekend in Los Angeles.  The studio Play Space in Culver City is available also.


Off to Camp Crucible Tuesday (travel Day to get there) and back mid afternoon Sunday, June 5th.  I am giving a class of Pony Play in Small Spaces, discussing Pony Play people can do at home after they leave camp.  I also am  Master of the Hunt.  We will have an animal role play Fox Hunt on Saturday at Camp.


I am available Monday June 6th, thru Thursday June 9th in Los Angeles.


Friday, June 10, Saturday June 11 and in the morning Sunday June 13, I will be in Palm Springs, at a Women’s Only Retreat presenting Pony Play.


Then I am home in Los Angeles for the last three weeks of June and really wanting to see you.


Text, Call or use my Contact Me form on this site.  😉