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Life is excellent!

I am loving being in Los Angeles.  There has been lots of rain this winter.  The Los Angeles air is smelling great and our streets are finally oil free and washed off.  Mother Nature has watered my garden nicely.  Hiking has been a little tricky with Kelly because the dirt trails get too muddy and dangerous.  We still move around at least an hour each day.  I went in for a full Health Check up.  I am in excellent health except I need more Vitamin D because I completely cover up when I am outside.  LOL.

Great Year of Movies, 2017 is rockin’

Very happy I have an Arclight membership this year.

The Great Wall. …maybe
Logan. …check-check-roger-roger
Beauty and the Beast. check-check-roger-roger
Ghost in the Shell check-check-roger-roger
Guardians of the Galaxy. check-check-roger-roger
Wonder Woman. Check-Check please let it be good
Transformers maybe
Spiderman Homecoming. Maybe, really like Tony though
Blade Runner 2049. check-check-roger-roger
Kingsman: Golden Circle. Check-Check
Thor: Ragnarok. check-check-roger-roger
Justice League. Check-Check please let it be good

Stars Wars VIII. are you kidding? it is a matter of how many times will I see it. I can justify 4 at least.