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Jessica Rabbit Park Ranger

My new cosplay character caught perusing the auction of the IMsL Convention.


so Much Fun!

I must send my sincerest thank you’s to the northeast corridor (Washington DC, Philadelphia, Manhattan and Boston) for an outstanding month of play.




Pantyhose encasement.  Not just wearing a pantyhose but having three pair put on my feet/legs bottom torso, two pair on arms with slice cut at crotch for my head to go through AND a stocking over my head.  The layers and I can only assume control type pantyhose added compression sensation on my body.  To add to this casement was electrical tape wound over the stocking over my mouth and around my head.  Then again at eye level and around my head..  Electrical tape smells foul.  Restraint of limbs to bondage device and a merry go round of tickling/spanking/licking.  


Civil War Calvary Officer taken prisoner by drug dealer she was trying to shut down.  (Yes, I know they didn’t have women officers – this is a fantasy).  Humiliation, bondage, degradation, made to dance, forced to serve, sold to whore house in Mexico.  It is a fantasy.  Let your imagination go wild.