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New Original Clip with Damon Pierce

May 19, I visited Damon Pierce, an internationally recognized Bondage Rigger, Director, Producer, Rope Artist, Master/Dominant/Owner, BDSM Educator, and Rope Maker, and Trainer.  He has a site “Slave to Bondage.”  We shot a bondage plus skull fucking scene.  


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I will keep you posted when this content will be available.

The DomConLA Pony Show


Isn’t this Poster lovely?  My friend, Raven, creates them for me.  Human connections, celebrate them.  I think they are what makes life special.



Derby Day with LAPACC


Derby Day, held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby each year (the first saturday of May) is a favorite of the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club.  


Races for the Day:

1. Derby Race

2. Steeplechase Race

3. Greyhound Race

4. Pacer Race

5. Puppy Hurdle Race

6. Trotter Race


It was a sunny and hot day.  Activities were capped off with a watergun fight after props had been loaded into the van.  BEYOND Wonderful!


$175 was raised for the No-Kill LA Adoption Center.