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If you wish to chat with me, submissann, live to ask your questions, receive advice person to person and/or book real time sessions, please click this button:

There is a $4 per minute charge for this service. Billing is done through, an advice site for the public.

I am a lifestyle and professional submissive. I offer obedience without hesitation.

I am deviant, perverse, and experienced. How may I please you?

Let’s dance, let’s play, let’s have fun.

Let’s pretend I am your dream girlfriend.

Instruct me to perform for you, command my movements to the whim of your pleasure. Tell me how to entertain you, I desire to follow your lead.

We may be as gentle or wild as you want.

Yes, I have limits, and within them there is a world of sensuality, a provocative buffet of perverse and deviant behaviors to explore. Let’s escape to an erotic world of our creation others only fantasize about.

Dress me, in fine lingerie, seamed stockings, heels.

How about leather?  Do you enjoy the smell of leather?  Yes? because, I do.  There is nothing like being erotically spanked over your lap by your leather gloved hand while the other cups by face sending the smell of that cowhide through me.

Great times together happen in the mind, the tease and denial, humor, dirty talk, good connected communication of two beings, one taking the other and folding that energy into them, as everything is stripped away to the vulnerable core to be taken.

Is it the second skin of latex that turns you on? Caressing the smooth, lube slick surface is so deliciously erotic.

The role play fulfillment of doing all those things you have previously only fantasied about with your secretary? your boss? in your grasp to feel, to revel in at last. Does that excite you?

Do you crave beholding a restrained, disheveled, sexy woman struggling in her bonds at your feet before you?

Do you have that wild crazy thought still held in your mind? Please share it.

Let’s play.




role play

use of restraints and bindings




training in pain acceptance



feet worship

puppy play

piggy play

corset and foot training

percussion play: flogging, spanking, paddling rigging

medical play

nipple torture

tease and denial


water sports








Business Attire




Garter Belt/Thigh High Stockings


Retro Girdle and Bra

Little Red dress




School Girl-authentic not trashy


Collars: Leather or pvc

Leather Ankle and Wrist cuffs


I have a sub bag filled with my bdsm toys for you to use on me.

And Eros is changing

It was down a day at least and now they are editing the amount you can write.  We live in fast changing times.


On the upside, I did a photo shoot to create new still photo content for my eros ads.  Enjoy.  The collection is in my Free Photo Gallery here, “Latest Updates”.