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I have a new fur buddy companion, Ollie (short for Oliver)

I found Ollie at the No Kill Los Angeles Adoption Center.  He is a Lab mix.   I find his energy to be 80% Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  By his coloring, I would say Fox Hound is the next biggest mix in.  Ollie is a happy, jolly, friendly guy, a big teddy bear.  He has the most wonderful eyes.  Squirrels beware.

Rescue dogs are not always perfect, some need training.  Ollie is a smart boy and we are progressing nicely.  He needs to learn not to lunge at dogs on the street and start baying at them.  It is a very bad representation of wanting to be friends, wanting to play and demonstrates not having any social skills.  At the Dog Park, he does excellent.  I am certain with time we can correct this.  He pulls some times on the leash, so I am using the Gentle Leader with his harness.   It is more like reining, and I have more control and we do better on our walks around the neighborhood. 

Ollie and I hike in the morning, which I am loving.


We met some friends in the park and I discovered Ollie has frisbee skills.  I have never owned a dog that can run, jump and catch a frisbee.  Huzzah!


And Ollie has lost weight, he is lots more tone.



Thank you Manhattan, Providence and Boston!

Wow, that was an amazing twelve days.

Please do pre-book your appointments if I am visiting your city.  I require a $100 (per hour of my time that your reserve) deposit.  I left for Manhattan and Boston with almost every day booked.  I only accepted four new appointments.


Manhattan highlights:

The room had a terrace balancy overlooking Madison.  That was so cool.  I went out on the terrace sometimes just for the view and wonderful weather.  Spectacular.


I truly enjoy seeing the gentlemen I have had the privledge to get to know over the years.  I love reconnecting.   It is such a electric safe space to play.  I loved playing with you all, finding new territories we had not explored before.  Having you share your fetishes with me without pause is a beautiful thing.


Providence, Rhode Island


Who knew this would be THE hot spot to stop for the weekend?  Comic Con was happening right across the street!  Thank you to the gentlemen who turned what I thought would be a quiet weekend into a jumping good time!

I enjoyed the Service Topping sessions in which I got to explore my bondage, tease and denial, sensory play, edging, anal play, strap-on play, light to medium cbt and impact play.  Just marvelous to revel in a Topping high.


Boston highlight:


My favorite was a session I hardly ever get to do, submitting to a crossdresser.    A lot of effort was put into her look and it really enhanced the play.  Plus it included watersport play, which I find hot because it is so naughty, nasty dirty.  I love boot worship, and these were pvc thigh high lace ups.  Huzzah!


I was busy right up to the moment I had to check out and leave to th eairport.  I loved it.  I was so tired and satisfied getting on that plane.  Thank you ALL.