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When your friends opens his archive files and shares

a favorite photo of you in JG_Leathers Pony gear at Serious Bondage.



And an erotic nude at Stoney point




Shot at about the same time period, two totally different emotional, mental, and spiritual feelings or aura’s regarding these two images.  There is a range of depth in difference between the photos. 


My experience is that I deliver what you ask for, hanging out in bondage gear, or connecting all the dots in the universe to us.  Sometimes, you don’t want depth, you want a fun, easy time, and shared joy.  There is nothing wrong in wanting that.



What is most important to you?

Communicating what you are seeking is so very vital to having your vision a reality.  

I envison a secretary (heels, seamed stocking, tight skirt, blouse, hair up) that I take to task for not doing her job as well as I’d like.  I humilate her, and punish her, discipline her to empower her to do a better job.

I envision hiring a secretary to be my sex slave on business trips.  I explain that if she wants this job there are unusual requirements and I want to know if she is up to the task.

I envision that I have found my administrative assistant has taken money from the company and now will be my sex slave so that I don’t call the law.


These are all secretary scenes, the wardrobe and look is about the same but the nuances of the scenes are different, they have very different flavors.  Wanting a job, needing work, I will be very willing to jump hoops for you; having been caught doing something bad, I might struggle, not be compliant at first.  The first scene is for the folk who loves to discipline, loves to be in authority, hand out the shaming, give the spanking.  

Different things turn on different folk.

I love dressing up office perfect.  I love the body fitting skirt and blouse, the smooth, silky stockings and stylish heels.  I love having my hair up, so it can be taken down, messed up then pulled back out of the way.  I love being restrained, tied up.  Maybe struggling to get away and you tease me, taunt me because I have been working late, and you know I do this, took advantage of this, and now you want the office safe code and if I don’t give it up, well, there will be consequences.

This is a very romantisized capture scene, a scene of medium struggling, realizing I am securely captured and being taken.  This is my go to fantasy.  It is what always makes me wet and I enjoy all the feelings that come with it.

Your fantasy will make you excited, make you turned on.


This is play, pretend adult play, involving imagination, suspending reality.  A lot of props are NOT needed.  


I find a partner willing to share this intimate secret of what turns them on fascinating.  I am honored to be trusted. It is my pleasure to play with you.  I am a safe space to come to.



When inquiring for an appointment

Please introduce yourself.  (This means I would like to know your name.  Master is not a name, it is asking me to serve you before you have paid for my services.  When we are negiotiating our scene together we are equals stating our limts, working out our arrangements, negiotiating our agreements of what is about to happen between two adults.  You can negiotiate that while we play I call you “Master” or whatever titles you wish.  I am here to serve you during our time together.)


Please states what kinds of play you are interested in.


It is fine to have looked at my photos and want an erotic adventure.  Some folk are more fetish and kink oriented.  Some like BDSM.  Some just want to connect with another, spend time with someone who listens to them.  Some are very specific in what they need and want.  If you communicate to me up front, I am better able to determine if I can serve you and meet your needs.


Your lack of planning is not my emergency.  If you are visiting Los Angeles and want to see me, please make plans ahead of time and I can satisfy what you wish better, I can accommodate my schedule to yours.  I get that sometimes a folk just has an opening of time, a hard schedule to manage and you don’t always get a lot of lead time.  You never know, I may have available time and be ready for you.  In general, I do not hang out every day in my latex dress dress and full make up.  I like to hike and garden in my free time during the day, which means super duper clean up before I see you.  These activities keep me in shape and looking good for you.  They give me peace of mind.


I don’t go to strangers homes.  We meet at a safe, clean, private studio Play Space.  I don’t own them, a rental fee must be paid to use them.  My favorite spaces are $60.00 per hour.  Dungeon West and East is available to me for $80.00 per hour.  Or we meet at a hotel.


Please remember I have limits:


  • No permanent damage.
  • No breaking your toy.
  • No drugs.
  • No animals.
  • No partners under 21 years old.
  • No blood play.
  • No scat play.
  • No smoking.
  • No piercing, no temporary piercing, no needle play.
  • No tattoos. (on me).
  • No fluid (Cum, pre-cum and pee are a fluids) exchange play. I have my hard copy of current clean sex test (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV and Hep C) to show you. No fluid exchange, no exceptions. Exchange means to place the fluid in to my body or near a place that it would go in my body. Cum and pee on my chest, back, belly, legs is not exchange.
  • All oral, vaginal and anal penetrations with toys are covered, I bring condoms and gloves for all toys.

Yes, I give references

Do not make more than 5 reference requests in a year though.  More than that, you need to give me a tip for my time to look up our visits and write a reference.


I report if you are punctual, if you respected my limits, if there was any bartering over the price, if there was any hassles with money, if you cancel appointments, if you text a lot (some of you make an appointment and with that you feel hours of texting should be included), if you email a lot (I have threads of emails with 50 entries for one appointment), if I would see you again.  I also state how long ago i saw you.  If I saw you more than 3 years ago, don’t ask me to give you a reference.  It is too long ago, people’s situations change, things change in attitudes, I don’t feel I would be a good reference for how you are now.


That said, please be considerate of providers at this time.  A lot of sites have gone black because of SESTA/FOSTA and we are trying to network and be safe.