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My First Master: Every story has a beginning……..

“Every story has a beginning……..”

It could be argued that my story begins with my father.


These are the words that i associate with my father.

I will wear His marks forever this lifetime. The men who have been intimate with me have seen them whether their relationship is vanilla or not.

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The Stories of Robinhood: On Happily Ever After….

“On Happily Ever After….”

Life gives me no guarantees. i hate this truth. i can play my heart out and see it stomped on is just as likely to happen as being thought of as special always…and both can occur at the same time.

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The Stories of Robinhood: Would You consider, please, Sir?

“Would You consider, please, Sir?”

There are many experiences on the playlist Captain Hook gave me i have never done.

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The Tales of Robinhood: The Way You do Those Things You Do

“The Way You do Those Things You Do”

Robinhood has selected the St. Andrews Cross in the middle patio area of the Liar. It is a covered area, yet open to the patio courtyard where people mingle. i’m beginning to understand that Robinhood likes cold air. He is more comfortable in a cooler climate and at ease.

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The Stories of Robinhood: Robinhood and Guenevere

Robinhood and Guenevere

Guenevere greets Robinhood and i at the entrance to the Liar.

Guenevere is always stunning and desireable to me. For i can’t resist those lips, those full delicious breasts brimming over her corset, that smile, and she has a seductive laugh. How enrolling is this package and how lucky am i that she is my friend? Simply immeasureable.

After Robinhood drops his Bag of Evil Toys in the Main room, we walk around TheLiar together.

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The Stories of Robinhood: Everyday moments with a Dominant Man

“Everyday moments with a Dominant Man”

Being with Robinhood is very peaceful and fun for me. i have been pondering the dynamic of this. When one’s Master or the man you play with is also your lover/companion/activity partner when do the roles drop? Or do they? When Robinhood spoke of “if he was serious regarding our relatonship, our D/s would be a lifestle”, what would that be like?

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The Stories of Robinhood: “Robinhood” And “Robinhood and Mistress Astra”


The pirate Robinhood is charming, good looking, tall and intelligent. He is distinguishably brilliant at his job. He is witty and funny and tells interesting stories. He loves the look and feel of fine clothes, as i do.

“Robinhood and Astra”

There i was at a pivital moment, sitting across the table from Robinhood. For some reason i look at these moments in my life and see myself folding the cards and walking away…but not this time.

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The Ruthless General and Mistress Astra

“The Ruthless General and Mistress Astra”

The Nazi General places his membership card, id card and money on the table at the check in desk to the Dungeon. He turns to me.

A wave of absolute terror starts at my forhead and falls rapidly over me. No, i forgot my id card.

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The Tales of Captain Hook: Yes Master. Thank You, Master.

“Yes, Master. Thank You Master.”

i can not tell you the reason i never feel any anguish in the pain i experience in Captain Hook’s presence. Only that i don’t. Not that His hand is light, because i assure you He is a sadist and revels in the pain He gives me. Perhaps the greatest difference is that i want Him. i want everything He is willing to give me. Every part of Himself that He will share with me, i cherish.

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The Tales of Captain Hook: The Very First Time

“The Very First Time ~ Captain Hook”

Sitting, waiting. my hands are holding the sides of the chair, my ankles are crossed under it and my palms are sweating as i wait for Him. i can’t remember my palms ever being sweaty before. There is nothing in my life that has brought on this reaction, not even performing at Carnegie Hall. This man does the strangest things to me. and, yes, in *so* many ways.

We started talking during the summer. It was so casual and yet not at the same time. i always feel Him towering over me, looking down on me with those blue eyes. Gentle, stoic they are, the gateway to a heart that passionately feels altogether too much pain. Those eyes that see the secrets of my soul.

“Trust me. Tell me.”

“Would you understand if i said i miss Him, i miss my Master?”

“I know. I have always known.”

When i walk into a club and he greets me, “Hello, beautiful.” the sound melts through me. i could stand in that moment forever. Those forbidden lips i should not want to bargin with the Goddess to kiss. and, yes, i do. oh, yes, i do want them.

The whisper in my ear in the fall, “Do you want Me to show you My dark secret world? Do you want to be Mine and explore this dark place I know and be all you can be with me as much as we can?”

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