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Any client could have an escort session with me within my limits as stated in my essay regarding my submissive service, if the client chose to do so. It’s your time, money, session. i’m there to obey and serve you. My donation per hour does not change. If you simply wanted me to be your stunning date over a meal with good conversation and that was your session, that is your choice.

As a person, i offer personality, intelligence, am well read, and in general, i am an interesting person to share time with. i think the meal becomes more unique if you have placed a vibe egg up one of my holes, turn it on at random and enjoy watching me squirm while trying to maintain my train of thought, answering a question you have just asked me. Perhaps that’s just me. The different, the unusual, the unique opportunity to be with a submissive woman, to partake in experiences that are not consensually available to you with other women.

That statement doesn’t mean you need to be a sadist to session with me. Not all Doms are sadists. i am simply opening a door to you to explore and enjoy. BDSM isn’t all beat me, beat me. It is fun, playing games, good times.

Please read my TER reviews:

The Erotic Review

for clients critiques of what i do, what it is like to be with me.