The Ruthless General and Mistress Astra

The General places his membership card, id card and money on the table at the check in desk to the Dungeon. He turns to me.

A wave of absolute terror starts at my forehead and falls rapidly over me. No, i forgot my id card.

“You don’t have it?”


He turns to the man at the desk, “We’ll be back.”

“Don’t You want your money back?”

“No. We’ll be back.”

He turns and walks swiftly to the car and opens my door. i slip in quickly. It is under ten minutes to my house. This ride will be the most excruciatingly painful, silent ride i will ever take to my house with The General. Once there, i jump out of the car and run in my stilettos into the house, grab my id out of my purse and run back outside.

i half expect Him not to be there. He is. He is in the driver seat staring straight ahead at the road. i open the door and get in the car.

“i’m sorry, Master. i won’t do it again.”

“I know.”

Intense silence.

“i really hate it when i know i’ve fucked up badly and there isn’t anyway i can undo it.”

“I know. But I don’t.”

He is smiling from ear to ear. Shit. i’m going to die.

“This time you get your own door and carry My bag.”

He walks amazingly posthaste into the Dungeon. It takes at least two of my steps to equal His one and i have to almost run to keep up.

“Ahh. You’re back.”


i place my id on the table. The man hands me a clip board. i fill out the form, sign it and hand the clip board back. He is smiling. He knows what is in store for me. i feel my face flush with embarrassment.

The General takes His bag from me and steps aside the table.

“Follow me.”

We head straight for the Back Room of the Dungeon. We stop before a spider web of chain.

“Take off your coat, your skirt and blouse and step up facing the chain.”

“Yes, Master.”

i do as i am told as fast as i can. The General instructed me to wear my stiletto’s with black seamed thigh highs (small runs and snags acceptable), a short black skirt and a black corset under a black tailored blouse. i fold and stack my clothes on a table nearby.

As i take my place on the platform, my best friend, Mistress Astra, arrives to the Back Room with her slaves and greets the Ruthless General. i lower my head and am silent.


“So good to see You.”

They embrace and kiss and turn towards me.

Mistress Astra is a skilled FemmeDomme. She is a remarkably beautiful dark haired woman with breasts that spill out over her corset. A friend of mine once described her as having a lap that cried out for someone to bend over it. That is true.

“I seem to have misplaced my crop. May I borrow yours?”

“Yes. Of course. Be my guest.”

“If you will excuse me, I have some punishment to give.”

“Please. Proceed.”

He flicks the crop in His right hand. i stop breathing.

“Hold onto the chain above you. Count from ten backwards.”

“Yes, Master.”

Whack. My body jolts into the chain web at the pelvis at each strike. “Ten.” Whack. “Nine.” Whack. “eight.” Whack. “seven.” Whack. “six.” Whack. “Five.” Whack. “Four.” Whack. “three.” Whack. “two.” Whack. “one. Thank you, Master.”

“We’ll go to the front now. Thank you for the use of your crop.”

“Any time.”

Mistress Astra takes her crop, turns and heads to the doorway that leads to the front of the Dungeon. i pop off the platform, gather up my clothes and follow her. Mistress Astra stops at the Drink concession half way to the Main Room.

“i’m so glad to see you.”

She turns and smiles at me and her eyes dart behind me. It is the Ruthless General. i have followed Mistress Astra and not Him. He is standing six feet behind me. i turn around and realize my mistake as my eyes meet His solemn flaming glare.

“You’ll have to excuse us. We seem to want to return to the Back Room of the Dungeon. May I borrow your crop, again, Mistress Astra?”

“By all means, Herr General.”

i walk towards the General with my head hanging down, shaking it side to side.

“i can’t believe i did that.”

“I’m rather surprised also. This is quite fun so far.”

i like pain. i have a high tolerance for pain. Punishment pain never feels like other pain. It crushes your heart that you have failed Your Master with every stroke. Twenty strikes with the crop by the General leaves tears running down the corners of my eyes. The General takes them with soft kisses. My ass is hot, burning with pain and is tender to the touch. i will never forget my id again. i will now always follow Him correctly.

We move to the Main Room of the Dungeon. Mistress Astra is at the St. Andrews Cross flogging one of Her slaves. We stop at the adjustable cross in the front of the room next to Her. i like this cross. The mirrors are placed in front of it so that when i move my head ever so slightly, i can see all of the room.

The General places a throne chair in front of the adjustable cross.

“Get a foot stool.”

“Yes, Master.”

i return with a foot stool that matches His throne.

“Set it beside me for now.”

He has His wrist cuffs in His hand.

“Right hand.”

The cuff is made of thick leather with a soft lamb’s wool padding on the inside. It is buckled securely to my wrist. He adds a clamp to the ring attached to the cuff and releases my wrist.

“The other one.”

The same careful procedure is done to my left wrist. Secure but not too tight. He adds a clamp to the ring and reaches into His bag for His Ankle Restraints. His Ankle restraints are different than any i’ve worn before knowing Him. They are metal with padding inside and he must bend them to fit my ankle size. They have an unusual locking system. He carefully fits them to my ankles which takes several adjustments as i hold each leg up for him and rest it lightly on His thigh.

i secretly adore these ankle restraints because He has to bend them smaller for me than would fit His Pleasure Slave, Grace. i take a great deal of pleasure in the fact that they have to be made much much smaller because when they are fitted for Grace, He will have to bend them larger.


i kneel on the carpet before Him, between His legs. i look into His eyes and He nods. With my hands interlocked loosely behind my
back where i can feel the heat rising from my burning ass, i bend over and passionately kiss his groin. The General gathers my hair away from my face with His hands and pets my head lovingly. He is wearing black leather pants. i love the smell and the texture of them. He takes His cock out thru the zipper and i plunge down on it. i love the feel of His cock in my mouth. i love how it gets granite hard and huge while He listens to the sounds at the Dungeon and looks around the room. The music always seems agitating to me but not to Him. i like the feel of the skin on my lips as i move my mouth up and down on the shaft while inhaling. At the bottom, i place the flat of my tongue and lick the shaft while not moving my place on the shaft with the length of my tongue. God, he feels divine.

His hands motion me to release Him and he slips His cock away and returns it inside His pants. Only a moment out of my mouth i miss it and want it back.

“Step up to the platform, turn towards the cross and spread your legs.”

i am carefully bound with clamps to the rings on the platform i am standing on. The cross beam is lowered and my wrists are bound with clamps in a way that my body forms the shape of an X perfectly with no slack. My eyes catch His in the mirror and We smile at each other. He is admiring me and it makes me blush. He leans in pressing His body to mine and kisses my face along the hairline from on side to the other.

“You really are beautiful, you know.”

Then the General steps back off the platform and i look for Him in the mirror in front of me.

Though my ass is tender, the flogging is welcome. As the leather strikes my ass and thighs i feel the pain of love that flows between my Master and i. May this feeling be forever. i could not tell you how long i was flogged. Only that different floggers were used. Time stops for me when i am here for Him.

He steps up behind me, pressing His body into mine. i can feel His cock incredibly hard pressed against my ass, His arms hug me. As He lifts my hair from my left side He kisses my neck.

“You’re so beautiful. Wait here. I’ll be back.”

“Okay. i’ll wait right here for you, Master.”

i am smiling at His image in the mirror as He smiles and kisses my ear and steps away.

When i spot Him again, He is grinning ear to ear and steps swiftly up to the platform and in front of me.

“Miss me?”


He bends down and begins to passionately kiss me on my lips, all over my face; and in corner of my eye, i see in the mirror, Mistress Astra stepping up to the platform. She has a double dong in one hand and Her floggers in the other.

There is a wave of confusion filling me. A horror that i’m publicly going to be fucked with that dong, that she is going to slip that thing into me in front of everyone and fuck me with it. It would be the first time for that experience publicly. And at the same time i am thrilled to live a fantasy come true before my very eyes.

My private parts must be dripping as the dong is easily shoved into me. What follows is a blur, a confusion of pain and pleasure, of fantasy made into reality by two people who truly know me and love me. Mistress Astra is giving me a brutal flogging while intermittently fucking me with the dong, all the while the General is passionately kissing me, my body the only shield between Him and Mistress Astra’s flogger.

Suddenly i am released from the cross, my legs are putty. The General has His arm around me and is supporting my weight as he walks me off the platform and to an A frame horse. My corset is unclamped and removed. He lifts my body over the frame facing down. Swiftly i am bound to the frame with clamps. i feel the dong shoved again into my vagina as the General places His finger on the opening to my anal cavity.

“Open it.”

As i feel my anal cavity fill, the thought that they have curled the dong around crosses my mind. For a split second i am humiliated and then i see Him in front of me. i focus my attention on Him. i watch Him looking over me, watching me as i feel the leather straps sting a they strike my back and the dong being pushed in and out of me at the same time. He opens His pants and shoves His hard cock in my mouth. There is nothing but a floating feeling, my breathing, cumming, being one with Him.

i wake up from a fog in His arms. i am being cuddled and stroked by His hand and held and softly kissed.

“You are a very lucky lady to have such a good friend. She held nothing back for you.”

He kisses my forehead and smiles.

Yes, i am very blessed. Thank You, Master.