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I have a new fur buddy companion, Ollie (short for Oliver)

I found Ollie at the No Kill Los Angeles Adoption Center.  He is a Lab mix.  I find his energy to be 80% Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  By his coloring, I would say Fox Hound is the next biggest mix in.  Ollie is a happy, jolly, friendly guy, a big teddy bear.  He has the most wonderful eyes.  Squirrels beware.

Rescue dogs are not always perfect, some need training.  Ollie is a smart boy and we are progressing nicely.  He needs to learn not to lunge at dogs on the street and start baying at them.  It is a very bad representation of wanting to be friends, wanting to play and demstrates not having any social skills.  At the Dog Park, he does excellent.  I am certain with time we can correct this.


Ollie and I hike in the morning, which I am loving.


We met some friends in the park and I discovered ollie has frisbee skills.  I have never owned a dog that can run, jump and catch a frisbee.  Huzzah!

Thank you Manhattan, Providence and Boston!

Wow, that was an amazing twelve days.

Please do pre-book your appointments if I am visiting your city.  I require a $100 (per hour of my time that your reserve) deposit.  I left for Manhattan and Boston with almost every day booked.  I only accepted four new appointments.


Manhattan highlights:

The room had a terrace balancy overlooking Madison.  That was so cool.  I went out on the terrace sometimes just for the view and wonderful weather.  Spectacular.


I truly enjoy seeing the gentlemen I have had the privledge to get to know over the years.  I love reconnecting.   It is such a electric safe space to play.  I loved playing with you all, finding new territories we had not explored before.  Having you share your fetishes with me without pause is a beautiful thing.


Providence, Rhode Island


Who knew this would be THE hot spot to stop for the weekend?  Comic Con was happening right across the street!  Thank you to the gentlemen who turned what I thought would be a quiet weekend into a jumping good time!

I enjoyed the Service Topping sessions in which I got to explore my bondage, tease and denial, sensory play, edging, anal play, strap-on play, light to medium cbt and impact play.  Just marvelous to revel in a Topping high.


Boston highlight:


My favorite was a session I hardly ever get to do, submitting to a crossdresser.    A lot of effort was put into her look and it really enhanced the play.  Plus it included watersport play, which I find hot because it is so naughty, nasty dirty.  I love boot worship, and these were pvc thigh high lace ups.  Huzzah!


I was busy right up to the moment I had to check out and leave to th eairport.  I loved it.  I was so tired and satisfied getting on that plane.  Thank you ALL.




Taking off for Manhattan, NYC; Providence, RI; and Boston Mass.!

Packing my business clothes, personal clothes, toys and tools.  So many lists to check and recheck.

Manhattan, Midtown East.  October 29 to November 3 (end sessions at Noon)

Providence, Rhode Island.  November 3 to November 4 (end sessions at Midnight)

Boston, Mass. , Downtown.  November 5 to November 9 (end sessions at Noon)


I require a $100 deposit (non-refundable) to reserve my time on tour.  This can be paid with gift cards on Amazon.






I visited Washington DC and Philadelphia in October!

It was hot in DC in October for about 4 days before turning reasonable.  That was a shocker.  I was there October 8 to October 14.  Thank you for the wonderful welcome!  My calendar was full.  It was a very fun and successful tour.


I took the Regional on Monday to Philadelphia, enjoyed the colder weather October 15 to October 19.  I was able to enjoy lots of fun play and visit my best girlfriend, Astra on Thursday while I was there.


My highlight is most likely an unfair pick because I did the session with Astra. lol.


I have a long time (we go back to the beginning of my pro-submissive career which is 12 years) sploshing client, Al.  When I met Al, he would book a hotel room close to me, completely Dexter it in  heavy plastic including rolling towels up, placing like a row of logs on the coffee table and covering this in plastic.  This would be my table.  We learned through the exploration to stick to all sweets with maybe maple baked beans or savory but not mix. ugh.

So there I was, enjoying my sessions, having a break thinking about seeing my girlfriend, Astra, the next day, wondering what would we do together that would be fun?  And the phone rang.  It was Al, Thursday was his birthday and would I do sploshing with him?  Astra had introduced me to spoloshing, so, I explained I had promised to spend my day with her and could she come along?  He said yes, she was delighted.  OMG, what fun.  Astra directed the scene.  Messy, cold at times, cream pies, chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup, pool of slime, ooooooooooooh.  It was fantastic fun for all involved.

I love my life.

What makes something “good entertainment’?

I just saw three movies, “The Book Club”, “Colette” and “Ocean’s Eight”, all of which I would say were chick flicks, although “Colette” would say probably would like a larger audience.  

I thought “Colette” was good, I learned about a female author I did not know of, her life, her struggles at the turn of the century and into the 1900’s.  I was entertained, I was educated about the subject, the story was interesting but at the end I was was not in that space of telling all my friends what a great little flick this was and you should go see it.

I enjoyed “The Book Club” and while the story was enjoyable, I was more fascinated by the actors, how they looked in their mature years comparitively and that I hadn’t seen Don Johnson in years in anything.  Yes, I laughed, yes, it was escape worthy but no, I wouldn’t tell my friends to check out this flick.


“Ocean’s 8” was wonderful.  Yes, you should check out that flick.  I loved the story.  I found myself routing for the team.  I was worried it might not work out for them.  No, I didn’t figure out the whole deal.  No, I was not focused on the actors, I saw their characters.  Yes, there are lines I just loved such as: “No, that’s a Him, I don’t want a Him.  A Him gets noticed, a Her gets ignored. And for once, we’d like to be ignored.”  Yes, another friend told me to check out this flick.


So, I am sitting here pondering what made “Ocean’s 8” better?  They were all fun.  They all had good stories, Ocean’s 8 was a bit more complex. Costumes?  Colette was excellent in style.  Ocean’s 8 had flare and was spot on in my opinion.  I really didn’t notice the style in The Book Club.  I really don’t have an exact answer as to why one film makes you want to share it with all your friends and others don’t, except that the  phenomenon happens.


Thanks, Tony, for the tip.  It was great!



I am a lifestyle and professional submissive. I offer obedience without hesitation.

I am deviant, perverse, and experienced. How may I please you?

Let’s dance, let’s play, let’s have fun.

Let’s pretend I am your dream girlfriend.

Instruct me to perform for you, command my movements to the whim of your pleasure. Tell me how to entertain you, I desire to follow your lead.

We may be as gentle or wild as you want.

Yes, I have limits, and within them there is a world of sensuality, a provocative buffet of perverse and deviant behaviors to explore. Let’s escape to an erotic world of our creation others only fantasize about.

Dress me, in fine lingerie, seamed stockings, heels.

How about leather?  Do you enjoy the smell of leather?  Yes? because, I do.  There is nothing like being erotically spanked over your lap by your leather gloved hand while the other cups by face sending the smell of that cowhide through me.

Great times together happen in the mind, the tease and denial, humor, dirty talk, good connected communication of two beings, one taking the other and folding that energy into them, as everything is stripped away to the vulnerable core to be taken.

Is it the second skin of latex that turns you on? Caressing the smooth, lube slick surface is so deliciously erotic.

The role play fulfillment of doing all those things you have previously only fantasied about with your secretary? your boss? in your grasp to feel, to revel in at last. Does that excite you?

Do you crave beholding a restrained, disheveled, sexy woman struggling in her bonds at your feet before you?

Do you have that wild crazy thought still held in your mind? Please share it.

Let’s play.




role play

use of restraints and bindings




training in pain acceptance



feet worship

puppy play

piggy play

corset and foot training

percussion play: flogging, spanking, paddling rigging

medical play

nipple torture

tease and denial


water sports








Business Attire




Garter Belt/Thigh High Stockings


Retro Girdle and Bra

Little Red dress




School Girl-authentic not trashy


Collars: Leather or pvc

Leather Ankle and Wrist cuffs


I have a sub bag filled with my bdsm toys for you to use on me.

And Eros is changing

It was down a day at least and now they are editing the amount you can write.  We live in fast changing times.


On the upside, I did a photo shoot to create new still photo content for my eros ads.  Enjoy.  The collection is in my Free Photo Gallery here, “Latest Updates”.

Dressage Training

Dressage Training as a Pony:

Got it.
Oh, you want this more collected. Okay.
What was that ? You want what?
No, really, i have no clue.
Okay. okay, I can do this.
i’m going where? 
Yes, i am a good Pony.
Water. Whinny!
We going again?
It is a trot. Okay, faster trot, got it.
I love this.
Oh, you want me to end up there on my half pass.
Okay. Got it.
I can do this all day.
What do you mean we are stopping?

Dressage Training as a Trainer:

(Looking at Test) what is the starting gait? 
This, this, this and then this – got it.
Oh, f@*k, what comes next?
We do what?
No, no, no, across the arena, full strides.
Oh, that’s beautiful. Nice.
Oh, damn. How do I do this?
Okay. And next?
Nice. Good form.
What is next? Really?
Okay, I get it, I see what the test wants.
Oh my gosh, this is exhausting.

How about some water, boy?

I need to try this again.
We need a bit more difference between Medium Trot and Working Trot, come on, you can do it.
Okay, Okay. Got this.
We got this.
You are an amazing Pony.

I’m sweating. I am so done.
Have some water.

That is mentally exhausting. And I’m hot. No, I am done.
Where are your brushes?

Stockings and pantyhose.


Denier is the weight of the fabric in your tights, stockings and hosiery. Usually, the heavier and thicker the material, the higher the denier.

Low Denier hosiery is lighter, less thick and around 5 to 20 denier. Sheer tights and stockings often have lower deniers. The lightest hosiery sheer styles, of under 10 denier, are called ultra sheer and they are especially light, almost invisible. They often feel like a second skin or a sort of makeup for your legs. Low denier ultra sheer tights are delicate, the fibers are woven very close together.  I love this grade of stockings. Many people prefer going for a little safer option and wearing 15 to 20 deniers, especially if you wear sheer hosiery to work.

Stockings may be sorted by holdup (not needing a garter) versus stocking (needing a garter).  They may be sorted by seamed, cuban heeled, with toe enforced and without toe enforced.  Stockings may also be sorted by color.


I wear stockings made for someone 5’2″ tall and 115 lbs.  


As a thank you or a nice greeting gift, stockings are wonderful.


Pretty Polly Flirty Hold ups:  I like the Backseam Hold Ups and the Flirty

Pretty Polly 9 denier Hold ups  Size small/Medium   Color:  Barely There

Pretty Polly Lace Top Hold Ups  Size:  Small/Medium   Color:  Nude or Black

Pretty Polly Stockings  Size:  Small/Medium   Color:  Sherry

New Original Clip with Damon Pierce

May 19, I visited Damon Pierce, an internationally recognized Bondage Rigger, Director, Producer, Rope Artist, Master/Dominant/Owner, BDSM Educator, and Rope Maker, and Trainer.  He has a site “Slave to Bondage.”  We shot a bondage plus skull fucking scene.  


To see this video, you will need to be a Member of this site.  You become a member by sending a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card to and writing me an email that you want Members Only access on this site.  Sometimes people send gift cards as thank you’s for real time sessions, so, the second part is really important.


I will keep you posted when this content will be available.