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New Original Clip with Damon Pierce

May 19 I visited Damon Pierce an internationally recognized Bondage Rigger, Director, Producer, Rope Artist, Master/Dominant/Owner, BDSM Educator, and Rope Maker, and Trainer.  He has a site “Slave to Bondage.”  We shot a bondage plus skull fucking scene.  


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I will keep you posted when this content will be available.

The DomConLA Pony Show


Isn’t this Poster lovely?  My friend, Raven, creates them for me.  Human connections, celebrate them.  I think they are what makes life special.



Derby Day with LAPACC


Derby Day, held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby each year (the first saturday of May) is a favorite of the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club.  


Races for the Day:

1. Derby Race

2. Steeplechase Race

3. Greyhound Race

4. Pacer Race

5. Puppy Hurdle Race

6. Trotter Race


It was a sunny and hot day.  Activities were capped off with a watergun fight after props had been loaded into the van.  BEYOND Wonderful!


$175 was raised for the No-Kill LA Adoption Center.

Jessica Rabbit Park Ranger

My new cosplay character caught perusing the auction of the IMsL Convention.


so Much Fun!

I must send my sincerest thank you’s to the northeast corridor (Washington DC, Philadelphia, Manhattan and Boston) for an outstanding month of play.




Pantyhose encasement.  Not just wearing a pantyhose but having three pair put on my feet/legs bottom torso, two pair on arms with slice cut at crotch for my head to go through AND a stocking over my head.  The layers and I can only assume control type pantyhose added compression sensation on my body.  To add to this casement was electrical tape wound over the stocking over my mouth and around my head.  Then again at eye level and around my head..  Electrical tape smells foul.  Restraint of limbs to bondage device and a merry go round of tickling/spanking/licking.  


Civil War Calvary Officer taken prisoner by drug dealer she was trying to shut down.  (Yes, I know they didn’t have women officers – this is a fantasy).  Humiliation, bondage, degradation, made to dance, forced to serve, sold to whore house in Mexico.  It is a fantasy.  Let your imagination go wild.







Gina keeps a clean site, I trust her to screen providers and Clients.  It is a great way to have a descreet reference system.


And I post a few months at a time of my calendar there:



Touring Manhattan, New Haven and Boston February 26 to March 9

Companionship to hot-erotic-kinky fun, what is your desire?


I am visiting Manhattan (February 26 – March 3rd), New Haven (March 3rd to March 5th) and Boston (March 5th to March 9th) and wanting to play!

It can be light and sensual to kinky and edgy.  

Explore your fantasies, your fetishes, your wildest dreams.

Yes, I will guide the novice and curious through my play toy bag, if you wish.  I will strive to please the experienced by being mindful and obeying.

I love stockings and heels and pencil skirts……..I am thrilled to wear my latex catsuit for you.  I’m versatile, it is about your pleasure, visual and sensual.

Un-rushed, vibrant, intellectual pervert seeks to be tied, teased & explore your whims.

What is your naughty imagination thinking now?

Please share.

You are welcome.

A fan sent me this link to a video I did.  Hypnogirls.


Yes, the funny story is true.



I don’t know how long the link will be good and enjoy it while you can.

The Last Jedi




So, Star Wars…..the trailers were better than the movie.

I have rarely been so disappointed.

Main Hero and Villians demasculinized and clear lines of good and evil blurred. It used to be a story in which the good guys were accountable to be good and the evil were badass evil. Darth Vader could take out a whole battalion by himself, throw everything you got at him and he would still crush you – himself. (Read the “Vader Down” comic).

I get that heros make mistakes, and the cool part about going to a “cowboys in space” epic is that you can count on them lifting themselves up and getting on with being a hero gloriously. Obi-Wan watched over Luke, progressed his learning, waited patiently for the next positive move he could make after failing to see what was happening with his padawan and tragically having to take Anakin down. He was not demasculinized as a character in the story line. Luke destroyed a Space Station for the greater good, twice and was a hero legend. I’m not buying the storyline Disney gave him, it isn’t hero-worthy. Before Disney redid things, it was Mara Jade who confronted Kylo Ren for the evil in him and Kylo killed her. Our hero, Luke , was in a better place to be a hero and deal with the situation and our villian was evil. That is Star Wars, that’s what was great about it.

We are now left with an awesome Rey and a whinny, temper-tandrum child-who-ruined-his-mask-because-it-was-pointed-out-to-him Villian. That isn’t a Villian, that is a badly behaved child. He isn’t the boy I see Princess Leah raising. She would have had him to guide for all of his formative years. Princess Leah allowing whinning and temper tandrums. No pass. Not even.

Dropping bombs in space? Having to drop a bomb in space by hovering over the target? OMG, LMAO.

Sigh, it goes on….so, let’s just leave it that I cancelled my “see it again tickets” and argh, how disappointing!

With whom have I had the longest positive relationship?

My hairdresser. 


I have gone to the same hair salon for 35 years.   Love you Gino at Rizzi Hair Salon in Encino. 



And yes, that is me at 9 am with zero make up on this morning.