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Test Results January 22, 2021

“I believe, every day, you should have at least one exquisite moment. “ Audrey Hepburn

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie-burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” Audrey Hepburn

Life right now

That is the point.  Life exists now, now and now.  Not in the future, no matter how much I love to plan, and not in the past, because been there – done that.

Life is exciting, adventurous and scary now.  I am about to try some new things.  Life is always scary because of the unknown, untraveled path when I am not treading along the same ol’ – same ol’ tried and true path.  It is taking that new turn, exploring a new open doorway that also keeps my life interesting and exciting and why I love waking each morning.  

I have been pondering a new dream, a new creation, a new aspect of making a living.  I have been planning it for about two years now.  2020 rather stepped on my plans.  I don’t think it was personal.  2020 stepped on a lot.  Grandma promised me that life would not give me more than I could endure.  I believe her.  I am still standing.  I feel good, healthy, young in heart, curious, and I am excited.  I manage to get through 2020 with zero credit card debt and my bills are paid.  I am very blessed.

So, new project, and if someone would like to support me in this please direct email me through the contact form, I will tell you all about it.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I spent with friends.  That is very jazzy.  My goal for 2020 was to improve my friendships and make more friends, to dance more naked in the moonlight – showing the authentic self to others.  2020 did not lend itself well to this goal.  I did strengthen my bonds and meet a few more people.  More waves on my walks with Ollie (he has improved his behavior so much this year – I am so proud of him.) A weight lifting trainer for six months of this year. Plus, the friends I shared Holidays with, I feel closer to.  We had great eats and very simple eats.  Food becomes so much more when shared with love and people who love you.  Yes, I spent a day scrubbing down my home and planned my menu.  It all worked great.  

Christmas Eve, I shared The Mandalorian with my friend who doesn’t have Disney +.  It isn’t just the story, it is the passion and soul that goes into creating a “Star Wars” world that I want to walk it, it is so touchable.  When I see the cruiser ship and I want that model, just like I did in the late 70’s.  It’s so cool and real.  Boba Fett moves the way he should, stands the way he should, fights the way he should.  All the characters do.

My friend wanted a Christmas movie and we went with Miracle on 34th Street.  It’s about what is real, what is the truth, if you can’t see it – does it exist, a leap of faith, hope and believing.

 Am I the only one that blinked because I saw the same theme told two different ways?

We rounded out our evening with the season premier of TV Wonder Woman. The men are so corny.  It is uncomfortable to watch men behave like that.  I loved watching the first twirl.  I did not watch this show when I was young, so it was revealing to see what was popular in 1975 – 1979.  I was in college at this time without a tv.  I was practicing, listening to records, doing my studies.  Now, it is a fun show and an interesting commentary on male/female interactions.

My Christmas Eve included conversation about life, hopes, dreams, laughing, sharing my sadness of the year and vulnerable moments.  Not edited conversation with someone it is safe to exchange not edited conversation with.

Christmas Day and a different pod of friends.  I made French Toast, popped pop corn in a pot, served oven baked Hors d’oeuvre. Great conversations over food and coffee.

We watched WW84.

Take away:

If you cheat or lie to win, you have not won and will never be a winner.

Also, success in life is measured by those we touch, know, love, hold dear to our hearts.  Choose wisely.

I really like this movie.  I have seen it twice now.  The photography and editing is very good.  It is weird for me to see Pascal not being The Mandalorian.  It definitely struck home that he is an actor, and I should not assign him ONE role.  Gal Gadot is lovely to watch.  The ending speech by Pascal – not great writing, wish they had done better on that bit.

Today I watched Soul on Disney+

I liked it.  

Take away:

Your purpose in life is to live.  Embrace each moment.  

Disney uplifting animated films, I consider UP or Onward to be much better. Soul had a cute and very unreal quality to it.

I am breathing deep and very happy.  Life is a gift and I am very blessed.  Thank you for being part of it.


The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club

It is folks in this club that I know, that I share my time with, I love them and I am loved.

Test results December 23, 2020

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.” Ron Hall

Photo by Craig Morey

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” Sitting Bull

Wonder Con 2017

Yesterday, Today and always

I love my life.  I love myself and do the self care and nurturing for me that I would do for each person I love.  I am responsible for the happiness in my life.  I am responsible for the conscious thought of creating, of manifesting my life.  I am responsible for the conscious thought of creating the feeling of happiness in my life.
Yes, in answer to this the universe will smile on my self (which is both insignificant and all powerful in the universe) and let the games begin.  It will test my resolve, give me trials and tribulations so that I feel the highs and lows of feelings and achievements.  Some things will be easy and some things will be hard.  To the degree I feel elation is to the degree I will feel sorrow and pain, for the universe is balanced this way.  The ups and downs will bring me prideful moments and humble moments and I shall endeavor to appreciate it all.  This is life, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, just and unfair, for life is everything and nothing.
I choose my behavior.  I choose to be.  I choose to be mindful, conscious and aware.
I choose to be a safe harbor, a place that is listening, I am focusing my attention on what is in front of me.
I carry the love of those that love me in my heart, always, and am thankful for each.
I promise to dream, to create possibility and dedicate myself to bringing those ideas to reality.
Dreams are manifesting from possibility to reality.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Photo by  Charles Archer


Stellar Stocking Stuffers

First of all, I want you to know I get zero money for writing this recommendation.  I am writing it because I think these gems are incredible.

These are two of the BEST toys for women I have ever experienced.  I use them together if I simply want to bliss out and not be able to walk after.  Yes, that good.


This is the Scarlet 2 Womanizer available on amazon.

There are more elaborate models, this one works for me.  Made of body-safe material, with a silicone head that pops off to be washed after use.  Rechargeable.  100% waterproof.  It stimulates the clitoris without touching it.  I just work my way through the speeds.  I usually cum when I get to the 4th setting.  It has 7.



This the SVAKOM COCO G Spot Vibrator available on amazon. 

The design is such that you will not feel stretched, it just slides in unobtrusively,  fitting nicely to reach your g-spot.  It has 5 levels, I have only used 2.  Made of medical-grade silicone and 100% waterproof.


Personally, I start with the womanizer, then I slip in the g-spot tool.  Not only do I cum, I cum hard, I cum for a long ride (several minutes) intensely.  And yes, give yourself a short break and repeat to cum even stronger and ride the waves even longer.  While I would say it takes a bit of time (certainly more than 8 seconds), it does not take very long.  


I have lots of vibrators, I have used toys for many years, I seriously love these.  Not a lot of $$.  Excellent.  I highly recommend these two toys.