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Public Service Announcement

The other day I received an 800 number Toll Call, the electronic voice told me my Social Security account had been compremised, had suspicious activity and had been closed.  If I had any questions, please dial “One”.  I hung up because if the Social Security department wanted to contact me, they would write me a letter.  They don’t call unless you ask them to call you in response to a question you have.  Seriously.  And you can check your Social Security Account online any time you want.

Unfortunately, phone and email scams are more common than ever. Here are some tips on how to spot a phone or email scam, along with some of the most common recurring examples you might find at work.

Please take into consideration this isn’t a comprehensive guide. Scammers are always coming up with new ways to trick people into giving them ID information or money or both. However, these scams are some of the most common because they have been prevalent for the last several years per my research.

The iTunes Gift Card Scam

scam email example

You could be sifting through your emails one day, doing your usual morning proceedure, when you see an email from your boss. It asks a simple enough question: “Do you have a minute?” or something else to that effect. Once you’ve acknowledged you’re free to talk, they’ll email you back saying they’re about to go into a meeting and ask for you to get iTunes or Google Play gift cards, then ask you to give them the codes on the back. Sometimes, this involves using a company credit card, or they might trick you into thinking you’ll be reimbursed for your expense. You won’t.

There are other variations on this one, too. It might be someone posing as a family member or a utility threatening to shut off your water or electricity. The common factor for all of them though is that they demand you pay in iTunes gift cards.

Chances are, your boss wouldn’t want to reward your team with a bunch of iTunes gift cards. If you get an email asking you to go buy a lot of separate gift cards or any in larger quantities, do not reply any further.

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to call your boss directly or step into their office for clarification. It could save you and your company hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The Chinese Embassy Scam

This one relies on the caller being a permanent resident or other recent immigrant to the U.S. Lately, due to an influx from that country, they tend to target immigrants from China and use a Mandarin-language robocall.

To those of us that don’t understand Chinese, this robocall is just confusing and weird. To people who do speak Chinese though, the call threatens their immigration status. The recording claims to be from the Chinese consulate or embassy, saying that they have an important document to be picked up. It might also claim they can pick it up through UPS or their bank. The recording warns that the document could affect their immigration status and that they should follow call instructions for more information. It ends with a live scammer telling the victim to wire money to a bank in Hong Kong.

Although this might seem like a very niche method of scamming people, it’s unfortunately been effective. The FTC estimates that this scam has stolen millions of dollars from American residents who did nothing wrong. However, because it plays on fears of being investigated by the Chinese government and deported, it’s not always easy for victims to spot. It’s also getting more prevalent.

If you get a call like this, hang up immediately. If you keep receiving them, consider reporting it to the FTC. Most importantly, take note: Government agencies, including foreign consulates, will not call you unsolicited.

IRS Scams

IRS logo







These ones are more during tax season. The IRS scam usually involves the victim receiving a call from an unfamiliar number. The person calling will claim you owe money back to the IRS and threaten you with arrest if you don’t pay it back. You might even receive an email along those lines, also threatening arrest.

This scam tends to target people who are older, but anyone could receive a bogus call demanding you pay back taxes immediately. Another sign you’re receiving a fake call is that the caller will demand you pay in a specific way, like with a prepaid debit card, a gift card or by giving your credit card number over the phone. All of these methods are against IRS policy.

Remember: The IRS will never call or email you unsolicited about tax information. If you receive a threatening call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, hang up and call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040 to confirm.

The Account Update Scam

Scammer phishing for informationWhat’s scary about this one is just how convincing it is. You could get a message saying your Microsoft account needs to be updated or your Netflix billing information isn’t correct. It’ll even have a link or a button within the email so you can fix whatever needs to be updated. But, clicking on that link infects your computer and you could lose money trying to undo the damage. It might even hold your computer ransom until you send money to whoever sent the message.

There are a few subtle ways to tell whether or not the email you’re receiving is real. They include:

  1. Check the email address. In fact, check the email address on other emails you’ve gotten from that company in the past. For example, Netflix emails its customers using addresses ending with “,” whereas some scammers might try to use or This is one of the telltale signs, so be sure you check who’s sending the email.
  2. Proofread it. Oftentimes, phishing emails have spelling or grammatical errors. Although mistakes do happen, large companies like Microsoft and Netflix have an entire team of people proofreading their emails before they go out. Any text that’s less than immaculate should be regarded with suspicion.
  3. Does it read like it’s trying to scare you? The email might threaten to close your account, or tell you that you’ve been hacked and need to verify with your user name and password. If this is the case, contact the company or log in through a separate email or call them, if possible. Whatever you do though, do not reply to the email directly.

Most of all, with any type of unexpected email or phone call, trust your gut. If something seems suspicious, hang up or delete the email.  It could save you and your company from having to restore or replace expensive technology, and a lot of hassle at the same time.

SubMissAnn Productions

Who are the people behind SubMissAnn Productions?  That would be me, myself and I.  

I blog, update Onlyfans, and Social Media.  I plan photo shoots, and travel tours.  Occationally, I will do a video clip, something different.

I produce Equus International Pony Play Event and the North American Pony/Trainer Contest.  Pony Play is my hobby.  It is fun and different from what I do as work.

Exploring submissive service for over 20 years has given me experience in listening, focused attention, attention to detail, an understanding of what is within the limits of what I can and cannot do, and an ongoing discovery of it is to have a balanced life, to be healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.  It has taught me to take overwhelming tasks and break them down into smaller tasks I can do one at a time.

My life gave me training in classic style, an eye for quality, a love for performance art.  Something well made, with good energy, pride of craftmanship appeals to me.  The energy one pours in is reflected in the outcome of what is created.

My lastest project is exploring what it would take to open a consulting corporation.  An office and a meeting room equipped with table, chairs, sound and visual equipment that can be rented as a Meeting Space.  And another open room, lined with lockable cabinets that when unlocked present different equipment desired for what the room is requested for. It would have one walled that is mirrored.  It could be available for massage, yoga classes, stretching classes, photo shoots, a variety multi-purpose room.  I would offer consulting in event planning (my specialty of 18 years was children’s parties) and I would partner with like minded folk that offered other consulting services. 


It is an idea.  From Possibility To Reality, taking your ideas, fantasies, dreams and manafesting them into reality,  this is what I do best.  I practice everyday.


Day dreaming and craving

Visiting Old Friends

I reread and rewatch Book series and Movie collections.  For me, it is visiting favorite old friends.  I have actually worn out paperback book spines and had to replace books.  On the first reread, there is the discovery of so much I missed because I was eagar to find out “what happened next?”  In future rereads, there is a happiness of being with my favorite characters on their journey again.  The Dragon Prince, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Marvel Collection, the Star Wars Collection are some of my well visited friends.  Some rereads are hard, The Art of Racing in the Rain, I still cry.

When working I focus my best to be there, 100+% all on.  When on tour or during a busy week, when I am done with work, I spend time by myself, refreshing me, gathering back energy by walking and having down time.  I truly believe balance is important.  Part of my submissive training included that it is my responsibility to be prepared to give my all when playing.  It is my job to be disciplined in having a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit for you to interact with.


Visiting Old Friends is one way I do this.



In Los Angeles, available for your desires


Let’s be honest, you look at her, that tight pencil skirt, those semed cuban stockings and delicious spiked heels.  You have vivid images of what you’d like to do with her.  And you work with her.


I am here to fulfill those fantasies in a safe way.  Let’s have fun.

Available NOW in Los Angeles


I am deviant, perverse, and experienced. How may I please you? 

Let’s dance, let’s play, let’s have fun.

Let’s pretend.  What is your favorite day dream? your favorite fantasy?

Let’s escape to an erotic world of our creation others only fantasize about.

Yes, I have limits, and within them there is a world of sensuality, a provocative buffet of perverse and deviant behaviors to explore. 

Dress me to explore your fetish of leather, latex, stockings, boots, lingerie…and instruct me to walk for you, move for you in a way that makes you smile. 

I want to follow your lead.

Great times together happen in the mind.

The role play fulfillment of doing all those things you have previously only fantasied about with your secretary? your boss? a special beau?  in your grasp to feel, to revel in at last. Does that excite you?

Do you crave beholding a restrained, disheveled, sexy woman struggling in her bonds at your feet before you?

What is that wild crazy thought  held in your mind? 


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  • Washington DC October 7 to October 13
  • Philadelphia October 14 to October 17
  • Manhattan October 28 to November 2
  • Providence, R,I November 2 to November 3
  • Boston November 4 to November 7

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