Interview with “SC” – the uncut version

A 20 year old professional slave, global home.

Q: What drew you to bdsm?
A: very young fantasys, starting with nazi history books (ok ok don’t lecture me) around the age of 4-5

Q: Do you feel you were born to serve and please a Master? If not, why do you serve and please a Master?
A: not nessacerly born, but i am happiest here. i dont think you are born to anything, you just find out what suits you later on in life.

Q: How did you know you needed the pain?
A: pain was always part of the fantasy, to make it short, people accosiate the power to bring pain on you dominance.
Q: Did knowing how to please Master come naturally to you or were you taught or was it something you figured out?
A: naturally. i sucked when he took his cock out, i shut up when he slapped my face, etc
Q: Are there times when you are required to do an act and you have the thought "i can’t"? If so, what do you do?
A: ive been tested, but i just took a deep breath, told myself what i was, and went in to it head first
Q: You are slave, 24/7, was it always this way? (Were you a submissive first for a length of time or did you just accept the choice of slave from the
A: i was a slave to 2 men before i met my master, both of those relationships were 24/7
Q:What is the difference between a slave 24/7 and a submissive to you?
A: 24/7 has no limits. a sub defines her boundaries
Q: Are you one of many slaves? Are you the head of the house slave? and how do you feel about situation? Are you poly also? or does this just not concern or bother you?
A: im his only slave, but he plays with other girls, i enjoy that.
Q: i remember you referring to a fuck toy slave you play with Master with. Define a fuck toy slave and what is the difference between her and you,
A: a 24/7 slave? she gets off on being a week end fuck toy. i get off on being one for life
Q: Does your total passion for pleasing Master get you past any concerns about other women?
A: i enjoy watching him use other women. they please him. i like to see him happy. i decided a long time ago jealousy is just something that will cause me trouble.
Q: Being a 24/7 slave, was your health record checked first? Do you have any concerns about health or do you just leave it to Master to worry about?
A: i had an up to date std testing, and he knew i was physically well
Q: i was looking through your pictures when i realized how big that long black dildo toy is sitting next to a computer screen.
i’m in awe. How long have you had it? How much of it do you take?
A: thank you i believe it’s 17 inches, and i take about 12 right now.
Q:where do i find that big layered for stretching butt plug you have 3-4 pictures of?
A: Here:
Q: Being a 24/7 slave, do you work and have a life or are you 100% taken care of and told what to do all day?
A: we both work. i do work on cam and also model, which causes us to travel alot
Q: Describe an average day:
A: an average day, it would be wake up, do dishes, chores etc, make master breakfast, tend to his needs, spend some time on the computer, go out or read, have lunch, etc etc
Q: Do you have interests and hobbies or is your day spent pleasing Master?
A: both, i do chores, read alot, work out, make sure he is tended to, cook, etc
Q:Did you get sent to school to learn how to do a manicure/massage or any other pleasure skills?
A: nope, i used google
Q: Do you and/or are you allowed to go clubbing/nightlife as it is at 18?
A: i do go out, with friends and such
Q: i noticed you posted regarding piercing needles. Is getting permanent body jewelry your idea? or is it something your Master wishes? or you both saw it, wanted it?
A: both of us really
Q: i have never had a tattoo or piercing because i have felt my body belongs to Master. None of my Masters have desired it or done it. Your thoughts?
A: i believe a master should always give the permission on anything that alters your body from painting your nails to coloring your hair.
Q: i’ve noticed that in your posts and e-mails you don’t capitalize "Master". your thoughts?
A1: yeah ive heard it alot too. id rather kiss my master’s feet then cap someting.
A2: well, my master doesnt believe hitting the shift key makes you respectful, he likes more of an effort on my part
Q: and your favorite toy is (only one)?
A: needles do those count? lol
Q: favorite toy set up while masturbating?
A: probably tied up somehow, where i can still reach myself, clamps, hood and gag
Q: i am wondering, you wrote "happily having my brains fucked out" on day as a subtitle on a profile, given that you choose to be a slave, what if your Master did not find you attractive or did not want you sexually. Would you be happy serving him as he wished, serving his sadistic needs only?
A: yup. id feel horrible if he was only fucking me because i wanted it.
Q: i had no idea they actually made dildos of replica animal dic until i read a post of yours. just close my jaw, please. These are top of line and made of jelly. Which dildo did a fan purchase for you?
Q: once one just gives up the mental garbage and simply obeys, it all gets much easier.
A: yup sure does.
Q: How did you get into scat play?
A: i saw on some porn and i tried it a few days later.

Q: Who’s poop do you eat?
A: mine and my Masters only. He eats mine and his also.

Q: Eating a diet is premium. after all – what is coming out of one end is from what you put in the other. Do you eat anything special and what vitamins do you take?
A: i take the one a day vitamin, and extra zinc and calcium.

Q: You do for pay web cam where people can pay to see you do "your stuff". What is the addi, SC?

Thank you, SC. That was mind bending fascinating.