Interview with Master’s babydoll

Describe yourself. Outgoing, social, athletic, attractive female that enjoys adventure, helping others and her family and friends.

Handle (name): Master’s babydoll
Age: 44
submissive/slave: submissive and working for more…
24/7 / weekend, etc., time frame:
3 days in a month total
Geographic area. San Diego

Q: What drew you to bdsm?
A: I have always had an interest in bondage since I was very young.

Q: Do you feel you were born to serve and please a Master? If not, why do you serve and please a Master?
A: Yes

Q: How did you know you needed the pain?
A: I never really knew I did until I started to receive it in BDS&M form. Prior to, I initiated it onto myself in other ways without realizing the connection. Those things have settled and I don’t go there anymore because Master is able to inflict it onto me…it is a more productive and positive path for me to have it this way as well.

Q: Are there other qualities, such as fear and being naughty that you need as well?
A: These things do turn me on…I don’t understand why either.

Q: Did knowing how to please Master come naturally to you or were you taught or was it something you figured out?
A: Pleasing comes natural to me and very important as well. I am this way in all I do.

Q: Are there times when you are required to do an act and you have the thought “i can’t”? If so, what do you do?
A: Oh god yes. It depends. Sometimes I will hesitate and moan, sometimes I will resist, sometimes I will shake; sometimes I will breathe very hard and then take the tiny steps it is going to take to do it and that is what I try to do first. unless it’s shocker!!!!!!!!

Q: Do you crave or like or dislike being restrained and bound in bondage?
A: I love being restrained and bound in bondage and I crave it as well.

Q: Would you please share your most memorable experience in bondage and why you consider it “most memorable”?
A: Most memorable was the time Master asked me to read him a book about bondage. I also have never recalled anyone ever asking me to read to them in my life so it already started out really unique and very special. I read to him in the car, bedroom, etc. It was very erotic and Master listened with intent interest and it felt good to me. Then I was reading about the beauty of bondage and Master shared with me how bondage should be beautiful and how much he loved seeing a woman tied… As I continued to read, he proceeded to tie me, around my chest and neck and I was nearly breathless and feeling totally turned on as I tried to read while I could feel his ropes press against my skin where my body was now becoming more restricted. Master’s presence was powerful, the way he look at me, he became the creator and he explored his creations with me and I felt it, I loved it and it was incredible to understand what bondage is in the eyes of my Master.

Q: Are you a slave or submissive? If you are a slave, is it 24/7? Was it always this way? (Were you a submissive first for a length of time or did you just accept the choice of slave from the start)
A: By nature I am submissive to Master and am working on the role of being a slave.

Q: What is the difference between a slave 24/7 and a submissive to you?
A: A slaves seems to have more boundaries and restrictions while being submissive I think there is more flexibility.

Q: Are you one of many slaves? Are you the head of the house slave? and how do you feel about situation? Are you poly also? or does this just not concern or bother you?
A: If this works for others I am fine with it. It is not something we have ever encountered together or discussed.

Q: Define a fuck toy slave and what is the difference between her and you.
A: A fuck toy slave… Someone you can use, abuse, take advantage of and do what ever you want to in order to please yourself. The otherside would be someone you value, cheerish, enjoy, appreciate, respect, take care and protect.

Q: Does your total passion for pleasing Master get you past any concerns about other women?
A: As time passes and Master and I grow together, yes.

Q: Was your health record checked first? Do you have any concerns about health or do you just leave it to Master to worry about?
A: Yes we were both checked prior to committing to one another.

Q: favorite task?
A: Kneeling before Master with him brushed up again my body.

Q: hardest task/demand you did?
A: Wearing his dog collar

Q: do you work and have a life or are you 100% taken care of and told what to do all day?
A: I work and have a life.

Q: Describe an average day:
A: My Master and I do not live together. While we are apart I do everything vanilla but I communicate with Master and share with him the sexy clothes I might be wearing for him and speak of things that please him as often as I can. However, when we are together I will wear what he wants me to wear, nail polish, hair color and all. I will be waxed, clean and will easily submit to him if the time is right for it. While we are in public, we are displayed as vanilla together.

Q: Do you have interests and hobbies and/or a job or is your day
spent pleasing Master?
A: I have interest, hobbies, a job, family and more but I also do my best in taking care of me physically and emotionally, so I can be the best I can be for Master as well.

Q: Did you get sent to school to learn how to do a manicure/massage or any other pleasure skills?
A: Yes and i find a lot of pleasure in this .

Q: Do you and/or are you allowed to go clubbing/nightlife, out on your own, girl’s night out, etc.?
A: Yes

Q: Think of a scene you grew from experiencing.
Describe that session, please?
A: Master’s punishments from the beginning, to when he demanded my hair be blonde and I stubbornly refuse to do it the way he asked. He showed me in a play session how serious he was and made me wear a swim cap all day and during scene too. It was embarrassing and he said that is the only way I will be when I am around him. What I learn that day and experience is that when Master demands something, he expects it and I have to do it or else I will pay the price his way and the cap thing is easy in comparison to his other punishments. Luckily, I don’t get punished to often…

Q: Is getting permanent body jewelry an idea you
entertain? Or is it something your Master wishes?
is that something you would do if He told you to
or do you both need to want it?
A: I would do it for him if he wanted me to.

Q: i have never had a tattoo or piercing because I have felt my body belongs to Master. None of my Masters have desired it or done it. Your thoughts?
A: I am comfortable with that.

Q: i’ve noticed that in posts and e-mails submissive’s capitalize “Master”. your thoughts?
A: I like that I feel a Master is more powerful in position and should stand out more.

Q: and your favorite toy is (only one)?
A: Vibrator

Q: favorite toy set up while masturbating?
A: It’s in forced

Q: What if your Master did not find you attractive or did not want you sexually. Would you be happy serving him as he wished, serving his sadistic needs only?
A: I don’t know if my Master would play with me if I was not attractive to him or if he would want me sexually.

Q: once one just gives up the mental garbage and simply obeys, it all gets much easier. Your thoughts?
A: I find the challenges to be difficult and obeying can be tough.

Q: Eating a diet is premium. What vitamins do you take?
A: Omega 3’s, primal defense, one a day, Vitamin. E and A

Q: What are the qualities regarding yourself that you feel are the most important?
A: I am confident, independent and try to value the good things that come into my life and have a positive attitude while I travel the journey in life.

ann: i thank you, Master’s babydoll, for your honesty and initamacy which makes this a valueable Interview.