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What is Pony Play?

Ponyplay is a form of BDSM and/or fetish playing, and role playing. It can be done as an individual, a team or a social event. As a pony, one creates themselves and plays. As a team, you might be two ponies or a pony and Trainer or a pony, Groom and Trainer. As a pony and Trainer, it is an exchange of power between two people, one who assumes the Master/Mistress role and the other becomes his/her “bottom.” In ponyplay, the bottom becomes a “human pony.” Not all ponies are submissive. Some ponies are quite spirited. A Stallion or mare can be very Alpha, it depends on the human pony’s “inner pony”. As a social event, pony play can be a fox hunt or dressage event, or a contest. It is a special interest area of BDSM. It can combine bondage, discipline, Dominance and submission, kink, and even a little Sadomasochism.

Ponyplay is NOT about abuse nor nonconsensual humiliation.

Are Safewords used?

Yes. This is worked out between the Trainer/Master/Mistress and the human pony before play begins. The pony usually has a bit in his/her mouth and traditional safewords can’t be used. Either “safe action” (such as tapping the right hoof two times) or some series of grunts should be used.
Are there male & female ponies?

What types of ponies are there?

You may choose to be any breed of pony you wish. You may choose to be a fantasy pony.

Types of Play with ponies is divided into categories of Cart, Riding and Show ponies. Cart ponies are trained to pull carts or chariots. Riding ponies are ponies that can actually be ridden. There are ponies that are long lined and perform dressage, Hunter/Jumper events, Mare Barrel races, etc. Show ponies are ponies that are based on their appearance, their form and style.

There are rubber ponies, “pleasure” ponies (used for sexual gratification), “sissy” ponies (men dressed up as women) and “banner” ponies (ponies with some kind of advertising draped across them).
What kind of Equipment do i need?
It really depends on what type of pony you are, what type of pony play you wish to do and how much money you want to spend.

There is nothing wrong with making a bridle out of ribbon or rope. Use rope for a lead or rein. You can make a tail and harness out of rope. i fit into a large size dog sled harness. i can attach a dog leash and pull someone in my red flyer wagon (used as a cart). Above all, i believe pony play should be fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
For those so inclined, here is my Equipment List.

Clothing: When in public, due to the laws in the US restricting public nudity, some sort of clothing is always recommended for all ponies. i own a zebra and a black unitard to wear under my pony gear. Some ponies wear full latex while others wear a t-shirt and shorts. You can make a custom pony skin with liquid latex paint on a body stocking. It really depends on your taste and style.

A blanket is a good idea for ponies for two reasons. First, to keep a pony warm in the colder weather. Second, when you are done with a workout, a small breeze over sweaty flesh can be very cold, and it is a good idea to keep a pony as warm and dry as possible.

Bit: The most basic bit can be found online at bio-horse tack shops and in fetish shops. I prefer a bio-horse metal Snaffle bit and I cover it with Latex Bandage tape which you can also buy in a bio-horse tack shop. Happy-mouth bio horse bits are made with a covering. I have made bits out of two “O” rings and string/shoelaces/thin leather straps.

Head Harness: secures the bit on the ponies head. These can be found online in fetish shops. I have made head harness’s out of ½ “cotton rope with no core.

Bridles: They can be found in many styles from the basic to the full pony head. They are also useful for ponies who are unable to have a bit in their mouth.

Reins/Lead Rope: These can be found in equestrian stores and fetish shops or be created from things you have around the house (rope). The leather reins work better because they do not stretch as much and signals are clearer to the pony.

Tail: Simple butt-plug tails can be found as a novelty item in most fetish shops. Online you may purchase a real horsehair tail butt plug or one that is just attached to a harness instead of a butt-plug. I recommend the pony tail attached to a harness. The pony does not have to work at keeping the plug in while playing more demanding play (dressage, cart play) and is acceptable if you want to play in public. I have also made a “tail” by using rope to make a crotch harness and braiding rope for the tail.

Hooves: Hooves and Pony Boots can be found online. Depending on what you buy, the pony may be limited in play time or movement. I personally use a walking shoe. These take me through dressage and cart play for hours and hours. As a four legged pony, I wear front hooves (a hoof with an arm gauntlet) and these are found online in fetish shops.
Plumes: you need a bridle made to attach a plume too. Plumes come in a variety of styles and colors. Bridles and plumes are found online in fetish shops.

Harness: Depending on what type of pony, the harness may vary. Riding Pony harnesses usually feature a wide belt or corset around the middle as well as genital and shoulder straps. D-rings at the shoulders are a suggested addition for reins on Cart Ponies, but bridle rings for single Cart Ponies are fine. I enjoy a harness as part of the bondage experience of being a pony. I have used rope to create beautiful body harness’s and waist cinchers.

Saddle: Human pony saddles are available online. If you are the correct size, I’ve heard that the best saddles are small, real pony saddles. Two-legged ponies, you have the option of a saddle for your back, or a custom/modified saddle for the shoulders (for the two-legged shoulder-riding ponies).

Stirrups: Just because you have a saddle does not mean you need stirrups, and just because you have stirrups does not mean you need a saddle. i attach my stirrups to my harness. Do be mindful of what type of play you are doing. Attaching stirrups as a fashion statement that bounce off your knees while pulling a cart can be painful.

Blinders/Blinkers: Blinders limit the pony’s vision. They can be attached to the bridle. Blinders are also a fabulous training technique.

Arm restraints: These can be anything from sleeves to wrist cuffs.

Martingales: Martingales are straps from the bridle to harness to reduce “spirited” behavior.
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