Anal Training

Question: Ok so I was watching Yo Momma’s a Freak# 3 and I have a question for you. I have a girl who has never done anal before at all. I have never had someone who was so new, most girls in the past either weren’t into anal or had a lot of experience and were easy to penetrate. So my question is how did you get to the point where you could take a cock so easy? I am no where near as big as the guy you were with in the movie but its still too much for her at this point.


Answer: Anal Training is a process that takes dedication, time, consistency and lots and lots of lube.

This is a skill you must practice every day. You can’t do anal training some consecutive days and then lay off a couple days a week, the asshole muscles will close up and there you are starting over – again and again.

Two muscles, the anal sphincters surround the anal opening. What you want to do is be able to relax these muscles so that you can receive a cock easily. You need to be able to locate and separate the muscles from the other muscles in your pelvic region. Just as one tightens the PC muscles for kegels, one can learn to locate and relax the anal sphincter muscles to receive cock or a fist.

Starting Preparations:

Have smooth, short nails (no jagged or sharp edges) and clean hands before each session. Even if you plan to wear latex or vinyl gloves, start with smooth and short nails that won’t irritate or cause small tears in the anal tissue. Make sure your toy is clean. i wash mine in antibacterial soap and rinse with antiseptic mouthwash. i only use my toys on me.

If you share toys, i recommend soaking them in Betadine, hydrogen peroxide (full strength) or bleach and hot water (about one part bleach to ten parts water) for 15 minutes. Shared toys should also have a condom placed on them. This includes your partners penis, toys, your partners hands if penetrating you and your hand(s).

Are you latex intolerant? i dry up and my inners swell if i use a latex toy. i place a polyurethane condom over latex toys i didn’t want to discard when my body changed. Check what materials your toys are made of before buying. Glass, metal, Elastomers, Hard plastic/Acrylic and silicone are alternative materials to latex.

Types of anal toys you will use are anal beads, butt plugs, anal sleeve with vibrator, vibrating dildo, realistic dildo (with balls if you wish), vibrating butt plugs and twist stick dildos.

What did i start with?

slim line plug

i took a standard Fleet enema. i followed the directions on the package. i waited an hour to be sure all the liquid had left my body.

i put Eros original Bodyglide on my hand and worked a finger gently into my anal hole. i made circle motions and in & out motions with my finger. As time past i was able to increase the number of fingers i could put in my anal hole to my whole hand. i just tried to add as many fingers as were comfortable each day, increasing as i became more able to relax my anal muscles.

i now also use Boy Butter as an anal lube if i am doing anal play only. There are many brands. Find one you like. Virgin press Olive Oil is just as good as packaged lube for anal play.

After opening my anal hole with my hand, i inserted the toy. i wore it for 20 minutes the first day. i increased this amount of time to four hours. i wore a crotch rope harness under my clothes to comfort me that the plug would not go flying across the room when the doorbell rang all of a sudden and i squeezed down. Please find my Crotch Rope Harness pictorial instruction in the free photo section.

Anal Toys i progressed to:

The Basic Plug


Vibrator Cocks

The next progressive step was:

Tristan 2 with silver bullet

Stretching Dildo



i like these anal toy sites:

The anal workout is done everyday. Eventually, one day it will simply be very easy. You will know which muscles to relax, how to opened up, take the cock in and enjoy yourself.

There are many levels to enjoying anal sex. i like the feel of a cock in my asshole. i like the instant “i’m being a naughty girl” aspect to having anal sex.

i recommend Tristan Taormino’s Book “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women”.