“Drinking Master’s Piss”

Piss Drinking Has Risks writes:

“My Master and I have a relationship in which he uses me, with my consent, as his toilet. Two days after I spent a couple days with Him I was hauled in for a random drug test. I came back positive for marijuana, despite not having smoked pot in over 10 years. I am now suspended from my employment and may be dismissed.”


i promote Drinking Master’s Piss and Water Sports for the sexuality and bonding experience with Master. i have been very clear that whom you choose as your Master or your piss drinking partner is very important.

Submission through Golden Showers and/or Drinking your Master’s Piss

There are many wonderful ways for submissives to bond with their Masters. Through experience I have discovered that Watersports are a very intimate and powerful act. Both my first Master (the man who introduced me to this lifestyle) and my last Master have trained me using this practice.

There was something shocking that enveloped me the first time my Master showered my breasts and face with His pee as i knelt before Him. No one else had ever been so personal or intimate with me by using His body fluids. And when He took hold of my chin and opened my mouth with his thumb, filled it with His piss and commanded me to swallow it, I obeyed.

This is a very clear act of Domination/submission that one cannot deny. Eighteen years later, this act still holds it’s powerful exchange for me. I experience a deep closeness and intimacy in this activity with my last Master. His taste is imprinted in my memory in a very personal way.

Smell and taste are highly important for me to bond with my Master. I know my Masters body smell, His piss smell. I know the taste of His skin, every body part that I have worshiped and especially the taste of His pee.

I find that the American taboo of Water Sports is rather fascinating. Most submissives that I’ve spoken to are afraid to participate in this activity, thinking it is dirty or unsafe. Although it is a common practice in many Asian and European countries, it remains on the taboo list here in America. Considering the history of pee drinking throughout history, I cannot help but think of all the other puritanical attitudes that we still have in our society.

It can be highly exciting and rewarding for a submissive to be pissed on. Or, if the role-play is appropriate, it can be used effectively as a tool of humiliation as well. It’s really up to the Master and how the relationship with the submissive is established.

Drinking your Masters pee straight from the source is a long standing act of submission that can deepen one’s subspace. It is not harmful if your Master is in good health.

Hippocrates (for whom the Hippocratic oath is named) actually encouraged a variety of natural remedies and preventative practices, including urine therapy. Fast-forwarding about 2300 years, we find that in the 18th century a revered medical reference book, Lamery’s Dictionnaire Universelle des Drogues , recommended drinking two or three glasses of morning urine each day to cure gout, hysterical vapors, and obstructions of the bowels.

Supporters of urine therapy, focus more on the biochemical make-up of human urine, describing its vital ingredients as:

Vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, and amino acids — estimated to be thousands of compounds in all. For example, urine, which is also the primary component of amniotic fluid, contains DHEA (the wonder steroid heralded with anti-aging, anti-cancer, and other benefits), allantoin (added to creams and ointments to promote wound healing), factor S (used to naturally induce sleep), gastric secretory depressants (combats ulcer growth), urokinase (an enzyme known to dissolve blood clots), and of course, urea (a key constituent in many antibacterial substances). Some scientists even suggest that uric acid, the most touted property of urine, may be one of the things allowing humans to live longer than most other mammals. (Blake More, “Drink To Your Health”, Yoga Journal)

Popularized in the works of John W. Armstrong (The Water of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy ) and Dr. Beatrice Bartnett (Urine-Therapy: It May Save Your Life), the urine cure has attracted a broad spectrum of individuals seeking relief from illnesses that failed to respond adequately to conventional medicine. Sufferers with everything from HIV to cancer, gout, Brights disease, gangrene, heart disease, malaria, bladder ailments, and asthma have found themselves willing to try anything that might help — no matter how seemingly absurd or repugnant. And to their astonishment, many of them have found incredible success.

A prime source for the estrogen used in post-menopause hormone replacement therapy is horse urine.

The American OMG view of this activity is as outdated as puritan sex.

Are there dangers? Just like any intimate act between people, one must take precautions. Just like sexual intercourse, you need to know the health status of your Master. People in the porn industry are required to have a current clean health test to work. i have a current clean AIM test (HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis) and Hep C test for my clients to view upon demand. i require the same of my partners. My understanding is that being informed is a must. Whom you choose to participate with in this activity is vital.

One must consider if the urine you are drinking of your Master, contains certain viruses and bacteria that can be carried in and transmitted through the urine (such as Cytomegalovirus [CMV] or Hepatitis B Virus or Hepatitis C Virus). In essence then, if you drink your Master’s pee, you may be guzzling down a great deal more than you bargained for. More importantly, one must remember that even tiny abrasions or tears on the inside of your mouth or on your lips (or on any external part of your body) could allow the virus or bacteria to enter your blood stream and thereby infect you. Therefore, just like any sexual activity, you must be safe and knowledgeable regarding your Master.

It is important to note that urine’s ability to concentrate substances is not always a beneficial one. The concentration of salt which may be a blessing to the individual with a salt-poor diet can be a curse to the average American gleaming down a daily fare of salty fries, sodium rich soda pop, canned veggies, and frozen entrees. The problem here is that a diet high in salt leads in turn to urine output that is high in salt. And slurping down urine that is high in salt leads to diarrhea.

In a similar but more deadly vein, arsenic and other toxins can become harmfully concentrated in a Master’s pee.

Be aware also that consumption of illegal drugs or birth control pills will leave traces in the urine, traces which can affect the person drinking it in potentially harmful ways. That is, taking a drug test after drinking the urine of someone taking illegal drugs could lose cost you a job; while there is some concern that drinking the urine of a woman on the pill could impact your body’s hormonal chemistry — especially problematic if you are male.

Personally, I place much effort into whom I select to play with in bdsm, and even more so into who I submit to and call Master. After all, my only choice is who. After that, it is my position to please and obey.

I wholeheartedly promote and encourage watersports of any kind and especially drinking your Masters piss as a show of devotion. I have found it rewarding as a way of bonding with and fun/meaningful play with my Master. Kneeling before Him, His warm liquid flowing over me, I am His to do with as He pleases.