Folsom Street Faire

“We’re going to a special event today,” says Madam Wilcox.

It must be special because she has on a new tailored outfit that is very shiny. The sun reflects off of it. I am so honored to pull her in the small riding cart. I am beaming. I am a lucky pony. Madam Wilcox is smiling ear to ear. I can tell she is very pleased with her outfit. She had this new latex riding suit made to wear for the first time out especially for our riding event today.

I do not have to wear a modesty covering today. Where I will pull Madam Wilcox in her riding cart today, it will be permissible to wear my bridle and harness in my own skin in public. My hair is braided neatly and the end of my braid hangs on my back. We will use the small metal bit, a snaffle bit, in my bridle with the pretty rhinestone studded reins. I like the slender metal bit much more than the thick rubber bit piece in my mouth. It is a very sunny morning, so my eyes are protected with shades. My tail is brushed and sways over my hindquarters.

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