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At Home in Los Angeles

Most of my mornings are spent at Kenneth Hahn Park training Ponies and Trainers. It is really good to get up, have a purpose and move the body, get in the flow, and get going. I love my hobby, the LA Pony and Critter Club and the very special people that participate in it. We’re freaks.

If you want a morning appointment, please just arrange it in advance, as my work has priority over my hobby, just as your life works that way. πŸ˜‰

I am looking forward to spending Friday, December 21st to Christmas with Family and a good friend. Love my family to pieces. Now, there is a relationship that represents a lot of ongoing work, cultivating, nurturing, heart, soul and love. As all relationships, it works best when everyone involved is participating.

I am currently taking a break this morning from working on sorting my receipts for taxes and getting a head start on organizing all of this while I am home, so that I can file in a timely fashion. My Tax Accountant will be stunned. Everyone’s business has paperwork, tax filing, and mine is no different.

I remember the year, as a musician just out of college that I made enough money to finally pay taxes. I was ever so excited. That is truly the spirit to have.

It is all the people I come in contact with that make my work special, make it worthwhile and I love it so much. I love my life.

Phoenix December 10 – 14

I loved the sunny days and the excellent hotel I stayed at in Phoenix. The Palomar, a Kimpton Hotel, is downtown at the Cityscape shopping center. My room was beautiful.

My room at The Palomar Hotel in Phoenix

It amused me that they wrap their over-blanket in bondage each day. πŸ˜‰ They have a registration desk Lobby and a Livingroon, which is the same level as “The Blue Hound” Bar. They have a list of items you can ask for complimentary, including a coffee maker, razor, and toothpaste. Just ask.

I enjoyed the gents I did see. In truth, biz was good but a tad light and I might not return, as I didn’t hear from my return clients in Phoenix. Ce la Vie.

Tampa Bay December 3 – 7

Street Art is always fascinating to me. This tour I was in a new section of Tampa Bay, I was in Downtown. I liked it, with the RiverWalk a couple blocks away, a Publix Super Market about 6 blocks away and a trolly to Yber 2 blocks away. It was a beautiful 80 degrees out during the day and walks along the River were sweet.

That was where I saw Nemo on Steroids

Nemo on Steroids

The trolley was very cool to ride. Flat terrain makes for a much duller ride than being in San Francisco, but I stilled loved the wood and the machinery of it. The trolley took me to the closest Full Service Chase ATM. Yber is also an enjoyable place to grab some good eats, drinks at pubs or go clubbing because that is what I saw over and over again. The streets are lined with a distinctive architecture of two story brick buildings and rod iron decorated balconies. I chose Bernini’s on 7th, the Salmon entree for $12.50 which starts with Roasted Red Pepper soup – yum!

Tampa Bay Trolley from RiverWalk Downtown to Yber

Roasted Red Pepper Soup


The reason I love coming to Tampa Bay is the gents I know. There is one gentleman I have played with for going on past three years now. He likes serious bondage, rope bondage, breast torture, and sadistic play. He likes to use the laundry rope you get at the market and when he is done, he just cuts it off along with the Saran Wrap. Maybe he likes that too. πŸ˜‰ Me, the smile says it all.

Saran Wrao and laundry rope are your friends πŸ˜‰