I have been hanging out in Los Angeles, about to take a 2.5 day jaunt to Atlanta, GA

I am really loving staying in Los Angeles.


I am able to regulate my meals better.  I’m not perfect.  Very occasionally I do a run to Sweet Lady Jane’s for a sweet cake.  On the whole though, happy with my diet, meat that does not not have antibiotics, fresh fruit and vegetables, very low bread intake.


Kelly has been a big assistant in having me walk every day.  We take wonderful walks in Kenneth Hahn Park everyday.  The time depends on my schedule.


The dungeons and Play Spaces here are super nice.  In the SF Valley is The Catsuit Lounge, westside has a Play Space in Culver City (Centinela between Venice Blvd. and Culver Blvd.) ; and there is Dungeon East downtown (14th and Alameda) or Dungeon West (Hillcrest at Jefferson).


Now it is time to check my bag, go through my clothes and get ready for a fast trip to Atlanta.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I will be in Buckhead district Tuesday, then move to downtown at the CNN Center Wednesday and Thursday.