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Washington DC thank you for showing me an awesome time! Now in Philadelphia.

It is always rewarding to see gentlemen I know.  The time is spent having fun without worry, I know I am safe.   There is not any replacement for knowing someone better, having all the little nuances reveal themselves, than spending time again and again exploring and playing.  There is no fast track.  I had amzing times last week.  Thank you all.


My phone is ringing off the hook and my schedule book is filling up with appointments now that I am in Philadelphia.  Do make your appointment this tour please, as I will not be returning to Philadelphia until October.

John Wick 2

The fight scenes are slick, hours of load gun and shoot porn with some knife action. I was fascinated with the John Wick suit, which you can buy…/Keanu-Reeves-John-Wick-3piece-Su…

. Too bad it doesn’t come with the bullet proof lining, which i thought was quite the concept. The dog is safe and kept by a responsible person during the action. I am only concerned that we end with the dog running beside John at the finale. If they kill the dog in John Wick 3 I will campaign for rubbing it down into oblivion on Tomatometer. One dog being killed as the premise for John Wick 1 is all you get.


The Great Wall

I saw it at an Imax 3D theater. It was entertaining, if you can suspend reality and believe the premise of the story. Visually so grand and beautiful, great cinema photography. The music is bold and wonderful. Zhang Yimou is the director, this is the man who directed the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. You can tell when you watch this film. Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones actor) as Tovar is excellent, all of the Nameless Order actors are excellent. The dragon monsters are fantastic. The weakest link in this film is Matt Damon. He just never rings true and his dialogue delivery is awful. I would insert Richard Gere around the “Lancelot” time if I could wave a magic wand. You definately want to see this BIG, in 3D or just don’t bother because what is moving about the film is the majestic photography poetry, like those old silent films of Griffith or Fred Niblo’s Ben Hur.