Sin-In-The-City Infinite Sin! January 31 – February 2nd

Sin in the City 2020: Infinite Sin!

Sin in the City 2020 !!!


subMissAnn will be returning to Sin-in-the-City!

She will be presenting one class:

Creating Yourself as a Pony on a Budget

This is an introduction to pony life. What does it mean to create yourself as a Pony? Does everyone have an ‘Inner Pony”? Do I need one? I want all the gear on a budget! I will demonstrate a rope head harness, body harness, and tail harness. We will learn how to “craft” yourself.


and she will be Hosting the

The Vegas Dog & Pony Show

The Vegas Dog and Pony Show Events: 1. Derby Race (Ponies) Once around the track. 2. Greyhound Race (Pups) Chasing the Bunny, once around the track. 3. High Jump (Ponies) Ponies jump the High Jump, increments of 1 inch, who can leap the highest wall? 4. Hurdles (Pups) Six hurdles on a timed course. 5. Steeple Chase (Ponies) Six hurdles on a timed course. 6. Herding (Pups) Pups herd the Ponies thru a maze that constantly changes. Medals for all! Ribbons!

Ponies,  whinny, nicker and prance by showing us your stuff!





Ann, known through out the BDSM Community as subMissAnn, has been a long standing member for over 25 years. She became interested in Pony Play in 2006 and has participated in Folsom Fair since 2007. Exploring Pony Play led her to Pony Mistress Rebecca Wilcox, with whom she shares the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 Leather Title. SubMissAnn formed the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club in December of 2009, is the producer of the North American Pony/Trainer Contest and EQUUS International Pony Play Event. She is a published contributor to the Equus Eroticus Magazine and the author of “Pony Play with subMissAnn.