New Toy Bag

This is what I will be bringing on tour this year, starting March 2nd in Washington DC



Clover Clamps, Weighted Barrel Clamps, Rubber tipped clips



Finger Braided whip, Fuzzy paddle, Leather Paddle, London Tanner Paddle



Deerskin Flogger, nylon tassel flogger, 2 crops, paint stick, leather slapper


Bunny flogger, bunny skin, 2 sized ball gags, blindfold



leather neck collar and leather leash, carobiners (assorted sizes), door attachment suspenders, leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, black cotton rope no chord cut into smaller sizes, green nylon rope


Strap on with small silicone dildo or large silicone optional vibrating dildo, remote controlled silicone skinned butt plus, silicone anal beads (2 sizes), tristan butt plus (silicone)  and small/medium/large nitrile gloves


Small/Medium/Large vibrating gloves, nipple and pussy inflate cups with chapstick, blindfold, massage vibrator


ear plus, tickler (not pictured), rechargeable Magic Wand, silicone skin vaginal vibrator, clit vibrator (silicone skin), remote controlled butterfly, small bullet vibrator.