Top Bottom or sideways?


I am on my way to tour Manhattan and Boston and I am receiving lots of emails negotiating scenes.  This is perfect.

There is always that one that wants to pigeon hole me.  How can I be compatable with them and do XYZTV (this, that, some of  this, a bit of that) if in two hours I will turn around and do something completely different?

This challenges your view of me?. Does this make me less submissive? Does it make me more Domme?

Well… question to you would be, “Less submissive than what, exactly…?” “More Domme that what, do you envision?” Understand, this is neither a race nor a competition, it’s a continuum. There’s no sanctioning body that’s handing out “Domliest Dom” or “Subbiest Sub” certificates. So, please…..don’t compare yourself or me to others. That way lies madness. You are your own unique collection of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires, as am I.  How you exist is what it is and what it isn’t, and this collection of “being” is here, in this moment and then the next, and, over time, this “being” may evolve and change. That opportunity exists for you, also.  What matters is that you accept and understand those desires….and that you understand that they are as valid as anybody else’s.  Please, always Be you, be the authentic You. Be the best version of you. Work toward that goal. Explore. There is no One True Way. Some people are wired to crave and seek total power exchange…others aren’t. Both are equally valid….and so are you!  Some may toss a coin to choose which way is Heads by the hour.  Some may not care.   Some may simply explore a fetish, however that adventure trail in exploration leads.  It is all good.