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Pony Play in BDSM

Q: How does Pony Play relate to BDSM? Is Pony Play part of the BDSM community or separate?

A: Bondage, the D/s dynamic, and Discipline are found in Pony Play. In the biological equine world there naturally exists opportunities for creative role play in BDSM.


Pony Play Training Techniques by submissann


There are all types of Pony Play. All are valid and wonderful and fun. I am discussing techniques to train ponies that wish to emulate bio-horses and be trained in gaits, ground driving, hunter/jumper and cart/work/pulling play. I am proud to be part of The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club which has an “everybody plays” policy. We train all our ponies with the same signals, so that any Trainer can practice with or play with a pony at the play dates. If a pony shows up without a Trainer, any of the trainers can take the reins and the pony only learns one set of signals or reining. I am blessed to have a handsome black stallion, Loki, I have trained and spent many wonderful hours exploring dressage training with.