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Camp Crucible 2016

Camp Crucible 2015

Folsom Street Fair 2015

The Animal Cavalcade was at 11 :30 am during Folsom Street Fair, starting on Folsom at Juniper Street, heading down to 8th, looping around making a full circle up to 13th and back to Juniper Street. Trainer Pollux, Pepper Pup, Grace the Unicorn, Kato and Speckles all made it up to SF to join the festivities!

Folsom Fair 2014

Palm Springs Pride Parade 2012

On another way too hot day in Palm Springs, November 4th was the Palm Springs Pride Parade down Sunset Canyon drive in downtown. It is always a great time to be with the LA Pony and Critter Club.

Southern California FALL Fox Hunt October 6th 2012

Off into the woods we go, to hunt our foxes. It is a very social day. 11 am – Stirrup Cup – traditional toast to begin the festivities Organize the hunters and release the Fox(es) from their cage. We had three foxes for our event. A guide goes with each fox to mark trail. We are in a National Forest and do not wish to loose people. The Guides with the Fox must mark their trail every 30 feet minimum, we provide markers. The Fox may choose to run back to the campground once spotted by the Hounds, but if the Fox is tagged, the Fox must stop at that point. There will be a “free from hounds” cage/burrow to curl up in. We will have Horns to flush the Fox and communicate with. 11:30 am – The Hunt begins The dogs/critters are released next to find the fox. The ponies and “riders” follow the dogs. The idea is that the dogs/critters encircle the fox after the dog/critter that finds the fox tags him/her, and they all bark to bring the ponies and “riders” to the scene. The fox is de-tailed. Being a social event, the hunt is followed by a pot luck dinner together and a Good-bye Toast.

Folsom Street Fair 2012

This year at Folsom Street Fair we did two laps as a Creature Cavalcade. The LA Pony and Critter Club had a booth at the meeting of 10th Street /Folsom Street. Tindala and I gave cart rides for $5 per ride until we could not give any more rides. An awesome day!

Bondage Ball 2012

DomConLA 2012

Folsom Street Fair 2011

Too much fun at Folsom Street Fair, Sunday, September 25, 2011

BDSM Pride Awards 24 July 2011

BDSM Pride Day is produced by Rev Mel of, and was held July 24th, 2011. As part of this event Entropy and subMissAnn, did a scene together on stage.

Long Beach Pride Parade 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011 <br><br> The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club represented Pride around the World, trotting and prancing their hearts out and pulling their Riders in Carts that represented Leather in Pony Play.

Derby Day and Tea 2011

This was a fine day of exquisite Fetish, beautifully dressed Ladies and Gents, enjoying High Tea and a Day at The Races <br><br>May 1, 2011

Southern California Spring Fox Hunt 2011

The Southern California Spring Fox Hunt is a fantastically fun day for animal role play enthusiasts and Spectators alike.<br><br>April 23, 2011

Folsom Street Fair 2010

Madoc and i made 3 outings into the Folsom Street Fair on September 26, 2010. The first as \"Tribune Madoc Hibernius Brittanicus Maximus, commander of the Emperor\'s own ponygirl cavalry legion, going for a chariot ride.\" The second round, i was a Silver Show Pony with my Leather Man. the third round, W/we were in our leathers. <br><br>

The San Francisco Pride Parade 2010

Sunday, June 27th, 2010<br><br> There were many human ponies participating from The Stampede Club and Tindala with PonyMistress Vonn and i with Madoc from The LA Pony and Critter Club joined them. It was a high spirited fun celebration of Pride.

The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Jamboree

THE FIRST LOS ANGELES PONY AND CRITTER JAMBOREE JUNE 19TH 2010 EVENTS: Agility Obstacle Course (PUPPIES AND CRITTERS only) Novice Dressage (Ponies) Advance Dressage (Ponies) Free Style Dressage (Ponies) Free Style critter performance (Critters) Mare Barrel Race Blindfolded Obstacle Course (Ponies) Blindfolded Cart Obstacle race (Ponies) Presentation event - open to all ponies and critters and comprised of \"showing\" the pony or critter to a judge

Christopher Street West Pride Parade

The LA Pony and Critter Club marched in the Los Angeles-area PRIDE parade, The Christopher Street West Pride Parade, Sunday, June 13th, 2010 <br><br> and for the ponies, it is 3.5 miles DOWN HILL - yipeee!

Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade

May 16th, 2010<br><br> The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club is very proud to be part of the Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade and stand with our brothers and sisters.

Southern California Spring Fox Hunt 2010

The Fox Hunt is a social event that combines critter and pony play in a fun day out. <br><br> Purpose of The Hunt, as with all events, is to have FUN!! We certainly exceeded in that. ;-)

Folsom Fair 2009

Madoc and i at the 2009 Folsom Street Fair, 27 September.

Great Lakes Leather Alliance

The Great Lakes Leather Alliance event, 22 - 23 August 2009. <br><br> The Great Lakes Leather Alliance is produced by Ms Kendra. i was lucky to be talking to her and Lady Justice when Michael snapped our pic.

The San Francisco Pride Parade 2009 - The Leather Contingent

Sunday, 28 June it was my honor to pull dignitary Leather Marshall Nyna Kaiser in my pony cart in the San Francisco Pride Parade 2009 as part of The Leather Contingent. Joining me was Mistress Liliane with Ronan pony and Ruby the Cocker Spaniel, and Mizz Parker with Sparky pony pulling dignitary Leather Marshall Brandon Clark. <br><br>

North American Pony/Trainer Contest 2009

PonyMistress Rebecca Wilcox and i competed for the Leather title held at the Leather Ball in wheeling, West Virginia in 2009. This community, i was introduced to, is everything i imaged a leather community to be, fun, laughing, supportive, honest, loving, and interested in each person succeeding. <br><br>and yes, we won. ;-) <br><br>November 2008

Central Texas Kink Pony Jamboree 2008

The Central Texas Kink Pony Jamboree, October 2008, PonyMistress Rebecca and i participated in the Novice Dressage, Advance Dressage, The Gauntlet Race, Mare Barrel Race, Blindfold Cart Obstacle Race, and Free-style Dressage.

The Farm  20 September 2008

September 2008, my very first Event was at The Farm with Rebecca Wilcox. I had been a cart Pony until the summer of 2008. I pulled a cart for hours and would be very happy and content. Thus, the timberlands were a perfect shoe for what I did and had a perfect hoof color. I had practiced these fancy gaits for all of one month, and I had LOTS of passion and spirit.

Kinky Summer July 2008

At Kinky Summer in July of 2008 i did a rope bondage demonstration with Don Sir. This was a particularly exciting demo because neither Sir Don nor i had done 3 different rope suspensions at one time, one after another.

Folsom Street Fair 2007

Folsom Street Fair September 2007 Photo by Erin Lubin for the SF Chronicle

Day at the Fun Park 2007

This image was sent to me from Day at the Fun Park 19 August 2007

Club Exile Dec 2006 at Passive Arts Studios

Clubbing July 2006

Syren Latex/J.T.\'s Stockroom Grand Opening Gala

My kink flag was flying high on 3rd Street this night, as was my \"good slut\" -ness. It was a memorable fun night.

Master Entropy and submissann at Hex Hollywood

A fun scene with Master Entropy at the Halloween Extravaganza at Hex Hollywood.


\"Hung in Hell\"

Malidiction Society Club

Clubbing July 2006

Bondage Ball

Clubbing July 2006