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PonyMistress Rebecca Wilcox and i competed for the North American pony/Trainer Leather title held at the Leather Ball in Wheeling, West Virginia in 2009.   We were interviewed, asked questions, asked questions in front of an auditence, and did a freestyle dressage performance at a bar where our contest and another contest were happening.  i got very clear that whether i won the contest or not, i loved human pony play, i had certain goals i wanted to do and i was comitted to accomplishing those goals.

My goals:  To share Human Pony Play and my style of engaging in that play at Lair de Sade Club, Club X Club, Dom Con LA, Black Rose, Thunder in the Mountains, and Great Lakes Leather Alliance.  To establish an organized club of animal role play enthusiats in Los angeles in which i could ongoing play with.

i accomplished all my goals.

i am also so blessed to have participated in this contest because i met a group of people that inspire me.  The Great Lakes Leather Alliance, this community of people that play together, participate together, support each other,  is everything i imaged a leather community to be, fun, laughing, supportive, honest, loving, and interested in each person succeeding.

i am so blessed.  i love my life.
November 2008