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Schedule for For the Fox Hunt Day Event:

Saturday morning

11 am – Stirrup Cup – traditional toast to begin the festivities

Organize the hunters and release the Fox. We have 1 fox confirmed. A guide will go with each fox to mark trail. We are in a National Forest and do not wish to loose people.

The Guides with the Fox must mark their trail every 30 feet minimum, we provide markers.

The Fox may choose to run back to the campground once spotted by the Hounds, but if the Fox is tagged, the Fox must stop at that point. There will be a “free from hounds” cage/burrow to curl up in.

We will have Horns this time to flush the Fox and communicate with.

11:30 am – The Hunt begins

The dogs/critters are released next to find the fox.

The ponies and “riders” follow the dogs.

The idea is that the dogs/critters encircle the fox after the dog/critter that finds the fox tags him/her, and they all bark to bring the ponies and “riders” to the scene. The fox is de-tailed.

Being a social event, the Hunt is followed by a pot luck dinner together and a Good-bye Toast.

SPECTATORS are welcome to follow the Hunt and partake in the Feast. Being a spectator is definitely an important role part of the Hunt. It is a fantastically fun day.